Automatic Screw Capping Machine | Bottle Cap Tightening Machine

Automatic screw capping machine is suitable for bottle cap tightening of various industries of drinks, sauce, medicine, veterinary medicine, cosmetics, hand sanitizer, detergent, pesticides, and lubricants. It is equipped with clip bottle positioning and an automatic capping device, which has broad applicability and convenient adjustment. In order to realize a high automation production line, most customers will choose the following equipment according to their real situation, such as filling machine, bottle cap feeding machine, labeling machine, ink-jet printer, and so on. Furthermore, we offer OEM service.

Automatic screw bottle capping machine
automatic screw bottle capping machine

Features about the automatic bottle capping machine

  1. Compact structure, reasonable design, occupied small space, stable and reliable.
  2. Long service life, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
  3. The screw capper applies to round plastic caps, mist spray pump, with thread.
  4. Equipped with constant torque capping device. And the pressure can be easily adjusted.
  5. Linear design makes it convenient to form a production line with other equipment.
  6. The speed of the main engine adopts imported inverter, which can carry out stepless speed regulation.
  7. Screw bottle’s cap tightly, solving the disadvantages of traditional mechanical friction.
  8. This bottle capper adopts the friction type capping form, easy to adjust, and the capping speed can be adjusted according to the production output.
Screw bottle capper
screw bottle capper

Screw bottle capping machine’s structure

This automatic screw capping machine mainly consists of a conveyor belt, touch screen, side conveyor belt for bottle feeding, photoelectric detector, bottle fixing device, capping wheels, ordinary motor, stepping motor, handles, and so on. The equipment is adjustable according to the bottle’s height, mouth diameter, width(or diameter). Adjustable places include the conveyor belt width, side conveyor belt width, and height, the height of the capping device.

Detailed part of the bottle capper
detailed part of the bottle capper

Details and functions of each part 

  • The touch screen: People are able to set the running speed of the conveyor belt and the time of capping on the touch screen.
  • Friction wheels: Rotate under the control of the motor, tightening bottles by the action of friction. The bottle moves forward on the conveyor belt. When the photoelectric eye detects a bottle, the equipment will fix the bottle, then four rotating wheels screw the cap driven by the ordinary motor. After capping, four friction wheels release the bottle cap.
  • Photoelectric eye: It can detect the bottle is going to the capping device.
  • Cap pressing device: Press the cap to prevent the bottle from slipping during the capping process. Since the cap has pressure on the bottle, it’s better to use relatively hard bottles.
  • The conveyor belt: Driven by a motor, the width of the conveyor belt can be adjusted according to the size of the bottle. Besides, it can be lengthened and widened if needed.
  • Bottle feeding conveyor belt: It can accurately send the bottle to tighten the cap. Two stepping motors control both sides of the conveyor belt. The operator can adjust the width of the side baffle to facilitate the clamping of the bottles. And the height of the bottle feeding conveyor belt can be adjusted. A handle can adjust the height of the side conveyor belt, which is convenient to fix the bottle and prevent the bottle from skewing during the capping process.
Desktop screw capper
desktop screw capper

How the bottle cap tightening machine works?

Before entering the automatic capping machine, a cap falling machine usually is matched to put the cap on the bottle. When bottles go into the equipment, the conveyor belt transported the bottle to the side conveyor belt, which can clamp the bottle. Four wheels will screw the bottle cap tightly. After the capping of the bottle, these four wheels will release, and the final products move forward.

What fields are the screw capping machine used in?

The bottle cap tightening machine has a wide range of applicability in the industries of beverage, fruit juice, fruit tea, cough syrup, peanut butter, chocolate sauce, jam, chili sauce, sesame oil, skincare, alcohol, disinfectant, pesticide, detergent, liquid detergent, hand sanitizer, windshield washer fluid, etc.

Applicable bottle caps
applicable bottle caps

Technical data of the automatic capping machine

Applicable caps15-70mm  40-100mm
Production speed0-40bottles/min
The diameter of the bottle cap50-280mm
Air pressure0.4-0.6Mpa

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