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Bottle rinsing machine is the equipment for various bottle cleaning, glass bottles, PET bottles, round, square, flat shapes, etc. It usually applies to the liquid bottle production line. The automatic bottle washer has three types for sale in Henan Top Packing Machine, suitable for small, middle, and large production output. One is the rotary bottle washing machine with 32 spraying heads that are used in small and middle businesses. The second one is the bottle cleaning machine with 54 rinsing heads, which is a good choice for mass production. The third one is an integrated machine for bottle washing and drying. After rinsing, the equipment can dry the bottles automatically to the filling machine. Actually, we offer customized service for the number of spraying nozzles. If you are interested in it, welcome to get in touch with us.

Type 1: Rotary bottle washing machine

This bottle washer is mainly used for cleaning glass bottles and polyester bottles with slight floating dust before filling. It adopts the continuous tracking spray method to wash the bottle, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, good washing effect, suitable for different specifications of bottle shapes, wide range, convenient operation, maintenance, etc. When it runs, the spray spouts will spin following the turntable.

Rotary bottle rinsing machine
rotary bottle rinsing machine

Characteristics of the small bottle washer

The automatic bottle washer is suitable for bottled beer, wine, juice, water, beverage, and other industries. Compared with the traditional bottle washing machine, its energy consumption, water consumption, occupying space at least reduce more than 80%. At the same time, the beer bottle washer has little pollution to the environment, easy to maintain. The flushing system is designed with a water circulation and filter device to enable the rinsing water to be recycled and reduce energy consumption. The wine bottle washer has a reasonable rinsing process and less residual liquid. 

The 32 spray nozzles
the 32 spray nozzles

Type2: Bottle rinsing machine with a long rotary chain

This bottle washer in beverage industries is used for rining before bottle filling. It adopts a single-column chain, tracking flushing, and positioning external shower, one-time flushing inside and outside. The equipment mainly uses 304 stainless steel and nylon. In the case of long or short necks, matching bottle holders can be provided to achieve effective flushing during the washing process. The standard model has 54 washing nozzles. The number of spouts can be customized according to the requirement of packaging speed.

Bottle washer 54 cleaning spouts
bottle washer 54 cleaning spouts

Type3: Bottle washing and drying machine

The continuous bottle cleaning machine feeds the bottles to be cleaned into the washing machine from the stainless steel chain. Cleans the bottles through heating hot alkaline water, high-pressure hot water, normal temperature tap water, disinfection water, normal temperature air drying, and so on. You can add a brush after the hot alkaline water cleaning section. Continuous rinsing design highly improves cleaning efficiency. The main body of the glass bottle cleaning machine adopts 304 stainless steel, which is hygienic, clean, and easy to clean. The cleaning nozzle adopts a food-grade plastic one with a high temperature resistant or stainless steel nozzle. And the cleaning angle is adjustable.

The integrated bottle rinsing and drying equipment
the integrated bottle rinsing and drying equipment

What should notice when using the bottle washer?

  1. Use tap water for bottle rinsing. The water pressure should preferably not less than 0.1mpa, and the water volume should can be adjusted with a valve.
  2. The diameter of the water spray holes on the water nozzle is only 2.0-2.5mm. So be careful not to be blocked by dirt.
  3. The inner flushing and outer shower water supply pipes are the same pipe. Pay attention to the valve to properly limit the amount of the outer shower water. It should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the inner flushing water volume.
  4. When using the machine, connect the ground wire and pay attention to the safety of electricity.

Technical data of the water bottle washing equipment

Washing head3254Support customize
Production speed2300 bottle/h2000-3000 bottle/h3000 bottle/h
Water consumption1m3/h/0.5 t/h
Bottleneck sizeSupport customize40-90mm40-90mm
Bottle heightSupport customize120-300mm150mm

All the parameters are references. The actual data depend on the real situation. For different requirements, its technical data will change.

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