Continuous sealing machine is used to perform sealing operations in horizontal and vertical types. Sealing is considered as an important part in the packaging industry. So, it plays a significant role in the packing industry. It is efficient packaging equipment that is cost-effective and known for its high performance. This makes them ideal for unlimited weight sealing. Also, it’s automatic sealing without manual operation. Sealing length is no limitation. Besides, the height of the machine is adjustable according to the length required by packaging product. Even, the equipment has a variable speed conveyor. It is fully adjustable machine. Are you interested in it? Please contact us for more messages!

Features of Continuous Sealing Equipment

  • Constant temperature controllable, the temperature is adjustable;
  • Excellent performance. The sealing length is unlimited. This band sealer fits different seal assembly lines with its stable and efficient performance;
  • With thermostatic control and automatic conveyor, simple and easy to use;
  • Convenient printing. This sealer can seal all kinds of length size and have different sealing pattern effects;
  • Durability. The continuous sealer has a stainless steel construction with durable electrostatic paint treatment, solid and wear-resistant. The heating block and cooling block are made of pure copper;
  • Two types to choose :horizontal type,vertical type;
  • Human-friendly design. This sealer adopts the design with an easy-to-operate control panel, the band sealer features adjustable temperature to meet different demands;
  • OEM service is supported.
Continuous sealing machine
Continuous Sealing Machine
Continuous sealing equipment
Continuous Sealing Equipment

Various Applications of Continuous Sealer for Sale

This kind of seal machine is suitable for sealing all kinds of bags, such as plastic bags, aluminum foil bags, compound bags and so on. Widely used in the medical industry, agricultural chemicals, food, and other fields of bag sealing. Liquid bags can also be sealed. It is the perfect equipment for packing batch products in factories and shops. Moreover, continuous sealing equipment has different sealing types. Certainly, it depends on the sealing wheels. The conveyor belt can be tailored to adapt your demands. The sealing is heat-sealing, copper material to achieve quick heating and even sealing. What’s more important, the customization service is available.

Various packages
various packages

Continuous Sealing Equipment Parameters

Maximum load of conveyor table10kg
Sealing speed0-12/min
NoteCustomization service is available

Structure Design of Continuous Sealing Machine

Continuous sealers feature a motorized belt or band which speeds up the sealing time. It consists of control panel, emergency switch, ink wheel pressure adjustment button, cooling wheel, heat block, conveyor belt, adjustable button of conveyor belt, and so on.

Structure of continuous sealer
structure of continuous sealer

Control panel: clear at glance, equipped with the temperature controller, enhancing product quality and efficiency.

Emergency switch: stop timely in an emergency, avoiding causing more damages or losses.

Cooling wheel & heat block: sealing efficient, neat, firm, as well as even.

Conveyor belt: adjustable conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is wear-resistant, more durable than that in the market, quality assurance.

Apart from this, there are some materials easily damaged, like toothed belt, thermal insulation cloth. Hence, when purchasing this machine, you can prepare some.

Optional Device – Date Printer

When sealing a product, the date printing is imperative for people to learn about which day to seal. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of packaging machines, the date printer from us has ink wheel printing and inkjet printing.

Different options
different options

Ink wheel printing

If you want ink wheel printing, four wheels are here for your choice. Respectively printing wheel, embossing wheel, printing wheel, stripe wheel, smooth wheel. Among these, the printing wheel has the font box. Because the word is on the wheel. The color of the ink wheel is different, and the color of the word is also different.

Ink jet printing

The inkjet printing is totally controlled by the computer, which can be set on the control screen. It is more intelligent as well as more convenient to use. Of course, the continuous sealing machine equipped with inkjet printing is more expensive than the configuration of ink wheel printing.

In conclusion, not only the date printing can be selected, but also the length of the conveyor belt, the material of the machine, and so on. We adhere to the principle of customer first, quality first, so we support customized services, and we will do our best to meet all your requirements. Don’t hesitate, get in touch with us as soon as possible.