Reverse osmosis water filter system is used to purify water through multiple steps. The reverse osmosis water treatment machine is suitable for freshwater. The processing solutions may be different according to the water quality and specific requirements. A common water treatment system includes a raw water pump, two precision filters, a vertical pump, an electric cabinet, a stainless steel frame, two flowmeters, three pressure gauges, a set of PVC valves, a set of low voltage protection accessories, a reverse osmosis device, etc. Some customers also will match a booster pump, an ultraviolet sterilization machine, and a pretreatment system that consists of a quartz sand filter, an activated carbon filter, and a water softener. If you have specific requirements, the water purification machine system can add the correspondent machines.

Reverse osmosis water filter system
reverse osmosis water filter system

Functions of the reverse osmosis water filter system’s components

1. Booster pump

Water pump
Water Pump

It has the features of stable pressure, sufficient flow, strong power, and compact structure. The booster pump is used to increase the water supply pressure of raw water, meet the pressure and flow required for the normal operation of subsequent processing equipment, and properly solve the problem of unstable water supply pressure in the pipe network. It provides strong power for the filtering equipment and at the same time protects the water processing machine.

2. Quartz sand filter

The filter material of the quartz sand filter is made of natural quartz ore, which is processed by selecting, crushing, washing, and fine sieving. It has the advantages of uniform particles, models with specifications available, high compression and wears resistance, high mechanical strength, stable chemical properties, good acid resistance, high efficiency, and long service life. At present, quartz sand is the water purification material that is widely used in water purifier machine plants, and it can remove sediment, impurities, colloids, particulates, and suspended solids.

3. Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon has a large specific surface area, good adsorption capacity for gases, inorganic or organic substances in solution, and colloidal particles. The activated carbon filter also uses this to achieve the purpose of purifying water, removing odor.

4. Water softener

The principle of softening water is to exchange Ca2+ and Mg2+ with Na2+ in the resin, thereby adsorbing Ca2+ and Mg2+ in the water, softening the water, and removing scale. It is an important part of the reverse osmosis water filter system.

5. Precision filter

Precision filter
Precision Filter

The precision filter is mainly used for precision pretreatment of the reverse osmosis system, removing the filter material and unfiltered impurities leaked from the equipment before, ensuring that the water entering the reverse osmosis water filter machine meets the requirements, and protecting the reverse osmosis system. The machine can remove sediment and impurities with a filtration accuracy of 5 microns

6. High-pressure pump

The high-pressure pump is the main operating equipment of the reverse osmosis system, which provides the power source for the operation of the reverse osmosis device. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, small footprint, low noise, low operating cost, and durability.

Vertical high-pressure pump
Vertical High-Pressure Pump

7. RO water filter machine

Ro membrane
Ro Membrane

Reverse osmosis system, the core of the reverse osmosis water filter system, uses sufficient pressure to separate the solvent (usually water) in the solution through the RO membrane. It is widely used in the industrial water purifier machine because the reverse osmosis equipment removes most of the bacteria, colloids, organic matter, and microorganisms while removing the salt, improving the purity of the water quality greatly.

Advantages of reverse osmosis water treatment machine

Reverse osmosis technology is the most advanced and energy-efficient membrane separation technology available today. The principle is that under the action of higher osmotic pressure than the solution, other substances and water are separated according to the fact that other substances cannot pass through the semi-permeable membrane. Since the pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is very small, it can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms, organic matter, etc. in water. And the removal rate is as high as 97-98%. The water filter machine’s system has the advantages of good water quality, low energy consumption, no pollution, simple process, and easy operation.

Water purification machine
water purification machine

Where is the water processing machine used?

The water purification machine is widely used in those places supplying centralized water, such factories, medicine, hotels, chemicals, boilers, precision electronics, residential areas, shopping malls, centralized water supply, etc.

Types of the industrial reverse osmosis water filter system

This RO water processing machine is suitable for freshwater. There is single-stage reverse osmosis equipment and double-pass reverse osmosis available. The actual solutions will be some difference based on the production output. Our professional team will help our customers to supply suitable solutions. Various specifications are available, 150L/h, 200L/h, 300L/h, 500L/h, 1T/h, 2T/h, 3T/h, …,10T/h.

Water processing machine
water processing machine

Differences of a single and double reverse osmosis system

  1. The single-stage reverse osmosis equipment has one vertical pump, while the double pass reverse osmosis equipment is equipped with two vertical pumps.
  2. The single-stage reverse osmosis equipment is a device that removes some substances in the water through a single osmosis membrane separation technology. Double pass reverse osmosis equipment refers to the filtration of raw water through two RO reverse osmosis membranes to achieve a higher standard of desalination.
  3. When the quality of the raw water is close to tap water, the two-stage reverse osmosis technology can make the conductivity value of the water reach 10μs/cm. The general industry or other industries do not have too high requirements on water quality, single-stage reverse osmosis water filter system will be used. If there are strict requirements on water quality, double-stage reverse osmosis equipment will be used.