Tin Can Capping Machine | Aluminum Cap Sealing Machine

Tin can capping machine is a type of metal cap sealer. It is widely used in the can sealing of canned fruit, milk powder, beverage, porridge, oatmeal, chili sauce, lotus root starch, fish, peanut, nori, biscuit, paint, etc. The jar cap sealer offer lid when the can is under the cap falling machine. Fix the can, then seal the cap firmly with a high-speed spinning sealing device. The metal cap sealing machine can apply to various aluminum cap packaging production lines. For different kinds of filling raw material, we provide different packing solutions. ODM and OEM services are available.

Tin can capping machine
tin can capping machine

What are the advantages of the tin can capping machine?

  1. When a can is going to the can sealing system, a cap will fall on the can mouth, then the spinning sealing device will seal the can. If no can, no cap falling, no cap sealing.
  2. The design of the operation panel is reasonable and simple, and the adjustment and maintenance are convenient.
  3. High production efficiency and high degree of automation, suitable for sealing production line.
  4. The sealing roller is has the advantages of high hardness, good wear resistance, no rust, and excellent sealing performance.
  5. Unmanned operation, using fully automatic lid lowering and sealing device, saving labor cost and improving production efficiency.
  6. The design of not rotating the can is good for the can and the material in the jar.
  7. High sealing accuracy, and sealing performance is excellent.
  8. The production efficiency is 2 to 3 times that of the semi-automatic sealing machine.
Aluminum cap sealing machine in factory
aluminum cap sealing machine in factory

Main components of the aluminum cap sealing machine

Tin can capping machine is mainly composed of a conveyor belt, rotary plate, cap falling device,  cap sealing device, touch screen, and so on. The width of the conveyor belt is adjustable in the maximum width. There are two supporting devices on the beginning and end of the conveyor belt to add its bearing capacity. The rotary plate is used to lock the can in the mold and convey it to the cap sealing device. Touch screen operating is modern and intelligent. People can set production parameters. Its structure is convenient to compose a whole can packaging line with other machines, such as filling machine, bottle unscrambler, labeling machine, inkjet printer, carton sealing machine, etc.

Metal cap sealing part
metal cap sealing part

Some famous parts’ brand in the tin can sealer

Solenoid valveAirTAC
AC contactorAUTONICS
Proximity switchAUTONICS
Photoelectric switchAUTONICS

Tin capping machine’ applications

This metal cap sealing machine is suitable for capping various round tin cans, aluminum alloy cans, paper cans, plastic cans, etc. The machine is easy to operate and maintain. It is the ideal equipment for can cap sealing of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, paint, and other industries. Common things in the supermarket include canned milk powder, fish, chili sauce, chocolate pudding, milk, peanut, bread, biscuit, tomato, soup, fruit, etc.

Common applications display
common applications display

Why do you choose the metal cap sealing?

  1. Metal cap sealing is hygienic, uneasy to rust, convenient to open. After opening, the cap has been destructed, so you will know if someone opened it.
  2. It has the advantages of good buffering, shock resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, non-toxic, non-absorbent, dust-free peeling, and its sealing performance is very good.
  3. According to different needs, making the stainless steel that can be made of high temperature resistance, boiling resistance, alcohol resistance, etc. The pattern design can use color printing, embossing, and milling.
  4. It has excellent airtightness after the can is sealed. The canned product can store long time at room temperature.

Tin can capping machine parameter

Power220V, 50-60Hz220V, 50-60Hz,1.5KW
Production speed30-60can/min25-35can/min
Applicable bottle sizeφ: 70-130mm
H: 60-190mm
H:≤70mm, 70-200mm

For the can height less than 70mm, the lid will lower on the jar mouth and seal directly. If the can height is 70-200mm, the lid needs to fall on the upper chuck to seal.

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