Water Bottle Filling Machine | Rinsing Filling Capping Machine

The water bottle filling machine is a three-in-one rinsing filling capping machine. It can meet the customer’s requirements for filling different bottle types on one machine and adopts a hanging manipulator that clamps the neck of the bottle, making it convenient to change the bottle type. The equipment is mainly used for bottle washing, filling, and sealing of non-carbonated beverages, such as mineral water, pure water, fruit juice, milk, ice tea, make-up water, alcohol, hand sanitizer, liquid detergent, etc. Compared to an inline liquid bottling production line, this type of machine can save the working place. And it can finish the bottle washing, filling, and capping process individually.

Water bottle filling machine
water bottle filling machine

What are the features of mineral water bottling machines?

  1. Compact structure, reasonable design, high automation, and high production efficiency.
  2. Its filling part adopts liquid surface positioning.
  3. The water bottle filling machine is suitable for the bottle with 50-100mm diameter and 150-320mm height.
  4. Adopt gravity filling. Its design is reasonable and the filling volume is accurate.
  5. The texture of the bottles can be PVC or PET.
  6. When the torque exceeds the adjusted magnetic force, the capping head automatically slips to ensure that the cap is screwed tightly without damaging the cap.
  7. Equipped with a safety device, a buzzer alarm is attached. No bottle, no filling, no capping.
  8. The turntable is made of stainless steel.
  9. This bottle washing system adopts special high-efficiency spray nozzles, spraying water at a set angle, which can rinse any part of the inside the bottle, cleaning thoroughly and saving water.
Pet bottle water filler in factory
PET bottle water filler in factory

How does the 3 in 1 water bottle filling machine work?

The production process of rinsing filling capping machine

1. Bottle rinsing process

The bottles enter the water bottle filling machine through conveying system. The rotary disc of the bottle rinser is equipped with a bottle clamp, which clamps the bottle mouth and turns 180°along a guide rail so that the bottle mouth goes down into the bottle rinser. In specific areas of the washing machine, special nozzles spray out water to rinse the inside of the bottle. After the bottle is rinsed and drained, it turns 180°along the guide rail under the bottle clamp to make the bottle mouth upward. The cleaned bottles are transported to the filling machine through the bottle conveying turntable.

Bottle feeding, rinsing, filling, capping process
bottle feeding, rinsing, filling, capping process

2. Bottle filling and capping process

The bottles entering the filling system are held by the bottleneck support part and are lowered and raised by the elevator mechanism. Gravity filling is used for filling, and the bottle mouth rises to open the filling valve to complete the filling process. After filling, the bottle mouth leaves the filling valve. The bottle enters the capping machine through the neck transition dial. When the bottle mouth reaches the cap in the cap falling machine, the cap will fall on the bottle mouth. Then the capping machine will screw the cap tightly.

The liquid filling and capping part
the liquid filling and capping part

The importance of the capper in the water bottle filling machine

The bottle capping machine is an automatic capper with high precision in the three-in-one rinsing, filling, and capping machine. The sealing effect of the bottle directly affects the quality of the final products. If there is no bottle cap on the guide rail, the machine will automatically stop. No bottle, no cap, and vice versa. This design can effectively avoid the appearance of uncapped bottles.

What liquid is suitable for this volumetric bottle filling machine?

The water bottle filling machine widely applies to non-carbonated bottled drinks, such as mineral water, pure water, fruit juice, milk, beverage, ice tea, skincare water, vinegar, alcohol, hand sanitizer, liquid detergent, disinfectant water, etc. Besides, this type of liquid bottling machine can be customized according to the category, shape, and size of bottles.

Applicable bottled liquid display
applicable bottled liquid display

Drinking water filling machine parameter

Bottle diameter50-100mm
Bottle height150-320mm
Production speed1.5L/bottle, 10000Bottles/h
The number of filling valve40

The technical data is for your reference. For different filling volumes and the number of filling heads, the machine’s power, dimension, the weight will change according to the real situation. We offer OEM service based on our customer’s specific requirements. If you are interested in the equipment, welcome to consult us.

Famous components’ brands of the washing filling and capping machine

Circuit breakerSchneider
Thermal relaySchneider
Indicator lightSchneider
Touch screenWeinview

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