Yogurt Cup Filling Machine | Automatic Rotary Cup Filler

Yogurt cup filling machine is an automatic rotary cup filling and sealing machine for liquid and paste. The equipment body is made of stainless steel, meeting hygiene requirements, and convenient to clean.

Yogurt cup filling machine is an automatic rotary cup filling and sealing machine for liquid and paste. The equipment body is made of stainless steel, meeting hygiene requirements, and convenient to clean.

It’s equipped with a rotary steel plate with cup molds. The rotary cup filling machine can automatically finish cup falling, material filling, cup cover placing, cup sealing, and cup output.

With the industry’s advanced technology, the machine adopts a well-known brand control system and pneumatic components. It has the characteristics of a low failure rate, stable operation, and long service life.

working process of the yogurt cup filling machine

Main structure of the cup filling and sealing machine

The yogurt cup filler consists of the mold for cup placing, cup placing device, filling system, cup cover placing device, sealing system, and cup output system. The mold is customized according to the shape and size of the cup. There is a single-cup and double-cup type for choosing. And the double cups type works more efficiently. The cup falling system is driven by pneumatic power.

When the cup mold is under the cup falling device, it will fall cup into the mold for filling. The filling system adopts a piston quantitative filling system, the filling volume can be adjusted. Some common filling pumps optional include 1-10ml, 10-100ml, 5-50ml, 50-50ml, 3-30ml, 30-300ml, etc. Its sealing part is suitable for pre-made cup covers or plastic film sealing covers.

Features of the cup filling sealing machine

The structure of cup filling and sealing machine
The Structure Of The Cup Filling And Sealing Machine
  1. Compact structure, high automation, advanced technology, simple operation
  2. The body of the yogurt cup filling machine is made of stainless steel, which is stable and durable.
  3. Automatically feeding cup, filling, feeding cup cover, sealing, and conveying the final product.
  4. Heat sealing effect is beautiful and firm, uneasy to leak from the cup.
  5. Equipped with a sensor for detecting, it will not fill material if there is no cup under the filling nozzle.

What material can be packaged in the cup by automatic cup filler?

The yogurt cup filling machine is widely applied to various kinds of liquid and paste in cups, such as yogurt, jelly, ice cream, coffee cream, juice, jam, sauce, beef sauce, chocolate sauce, chili sauce, peanut butter, etc.

Yogurt, being one of the primary products, showcases the capability of the automatic cup filler in handling viscous substances. Its smooth and creamy texture requires precise filling to maintain consistency and appeal to consumers. Similarly, other dairy-based products like ice cream and coffee cream benefit from the accuracy and speed of the cup filler, ensuring uniform portioning and presentation.

Moving beyond dairy, the automatic cup filler accommodates a diverse array of products. For instance, in the realm of desserts, jelly finds its place in neatly portioned cups, offering convenience and mess-free enjoyment. Additionally, fruit juices and jams are seamlessly filled into cups, preserving their freshness and flavor.

Rotary cup filler display
Rotary Cup Filler Display

Sauces of various kinds, ranging from classic tomato sauce to exotic chili sauce, are efficiently dispensed into cups, catering to both consumer and industrial needs. The precision of the cup filler ensures consistent portion sizes, which is crucial in maintaining product quality and meeting customer expectations.

Furthermore, the versatility of the automatic cup filler extends to nut butter like peanut butter, chocolate sauces, and even savory beef sauces. These products, with their diverse textures and viscosities, are accurately dispensed into cups, ready for consumption or further processing.

In summary, the automatic cup filler serves as a versatile solution for packaging a wide range of liquid and paste products into cups. From dairy delights to savory sauces and everything in between, its ability to handle various materials with precision and efficiency makes it an indispensable asset in modern manufacturing and packaging operations.

Common applications display
Common Applications Display

How about the automatic cup filling sealing machine price?

The price of this rotary cup filling and sealing machine is closely related to its production speed, filling volume, and configuration. Double-cup filler can produce nearly twice the single-cup type, and the price of double-cup mold fillers is higher. The filling volume is controlled by the liquid and paste pump. The bigger the liquid paste filling pump, the price is higher.

The yogurt cup filling machine adopts well-known fittings brands. It means the equipment requires more cost. Besides, there are some other elements, such as freight, manufacturing material, supporting machines, and so on.

Technical data of yogurt cup filling machine

Power220V   1200W
Packaging speed800-900cups/h (single outlet)   1600-1800cups/h(double outlet)
Air pressure0.5-0.75Mpa
Maximum air consumption0.45m3/m
parameters of yogurt cup filler machine

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Yogurt cup filling machine
Yogurt Cup Filling Machine

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