The servo system used in the packaging machine can achieve continuous packaging with strong packaging capacity, suitable for all kinds of food and non-food packaging. Compared to ordinary packaging equipment, it has better performance, more complete functions, and more convenient operation. This is a manifestation of technological progress, which caters to the needs of market development. Technology is the primary productive force, so the use of servo systems can generate revenue for the enterprise. Of course, what are the benefits of the servo system? The following will give you a specific description.

High accuracy

The servo system is able to realize closed-loop control of position, speed, and torque, overcome the problem of stepping motor out of step. The precision of command input and material output is extremely high, and the allowable deviation is generally between 0.01~0.00lmm.

Parameters setting on the touch screen
parameters setting on the touch screen

Replace the material package length

The unlimited extension of the packaging length is a unique feature of the servo packaging machine. The width of the package can be adjusted within a certain range, but the length of the package can be unlimited. The operation is also very simple, just inputting the relevant parameters on the touch screen. This function is one of the important reasons why many users choose servo.

Stop and alarm if no film

When packing materials, the servo system can perform self-detecting. When the materials to be packed have no packaging film, it will automatically stop and alarm to remind the operator to check. This not only saves film but also saves time. 

Suspend if empty package

After bag making, the packaging bag has been formed, filling and then sealing and cutting. But sometimes no material enters the packaging bag, at this time the packaging bag is empty. When the servo system detects this situation, the horizontal and vertical sealing will be suspended, and will not continue to work until there is material.

High energy saving

Due to the rapid response of the servo system, the supply can be adjusted quickly according to its own needs, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of electric energy, thereby achieving high efficiency and energy saving.

Requirements for the operator

Intelligent and humanized parameter design, ordinary personnel can operate proficiently in a short time, reducing the professional skills of operators. Compared with the servo-system packaging machine, the ordinary packaging machine needs a certain period of machine familiarization and has certain technical requirements. Therefore, comparing these, the use of the servo system reduces labor costs to a certain extent.


As a professional packaging machine manufacturer and supplier, our company is committed to providing packaging machines with the latest technology. The development of the times changes with each passing day, and the servo system emerges in response to the trend of the times. Owing to the servo system, no adjustment of the cutter is required, and the motion controller automatically tracks the synchronization. In our company, the reciprocating pillow types packing machine is a full servo packing machine for shaped objects packaging. Definitely, we support customization services. If any doubts, contact us for more information!