Bottle Blowing Machine | Plastic Bottle Making Machine

Bottle blowing machine is the equipment to make bottles. It is suitable for various PET/PC/PE bottles in the market. The plastic bottle making machine requires correspondent bottle molds based on the shapes and size of the bottle. These bottles are widely used to fill mineral water carbonated soft drinks, juice, alcohol, disinfectant, cosmetic, oil, shower gel, shampoo, hand sanitizer, etc. Bottle preform needs to be put into a preheating machine before blowing, which can highly improve production efficiency.

Bottle blowing machine
Bottle Blowing Machine

Detailed parts of the PET bottle blowing machine

A set of bottle blowing machine is mainly composed of a heating system and a blowing system. The heating system is the oven for preheating bottle preforms. It adopts infrared lamps to ensure the bottle preform in an even heating situation. Two groups of heating light bulbs are on the left of the left tunnel and the right of the right tunnel. Their temperature can be adjusted. There are eight temperature displays, a total constant temperature display, a device for adjusting running speed. People can change the heating temperature according to the actual situation. The highest temperature can reach 200℃. After preheating, people can take out the bottle preforms, then place it on the mold of the bottle. Starting the blowing system, you can get the bottles finally.

The details of the bottle perform heating system
the details of the bottle perform heating system

What are the characteristics of the plastic bottle making machine?

  1. Double mechanical arms clamp mould tightly closed under high pressure and temperature.
  2. Pneumatic system consists of two parts, pneumatic acting part and bottle blowing part, in order to meet different requirements for both acting and blowing. It provides sufficient steady high pressure to blowing. It provides sufficient steady high pressure to blow large irregular shape bottles.
  3. Equipped with a silencer and oiling system to lubricate the mechanical pars of the machine.
  4. Operate the machine step-by-step and in semi-auto mode.
  5. Wide-mouth jar and hot-fill bottles can also be made.
The detailed parts of bottle blowing equipment
the detailed parts of bottle blowing equipment

What supporting machines can be matched?

The bottle blowing machine can match many other machines during working, such as air compressor, air filter, chiller, freezing dryer, etc.

  • Air compressor is used to supply gas during blowing bottles.
  • Air filter can remove the moisture in the air.
  • Chiller cools the bottle’s molds when using the bottle blowing machine.
  • Freezing dryer is used for cooling and drying the gas from the air compressor.

Types of bottles display

Some applicable bottles display
Some Applicable Bottles Display

Some frequently asked questions

Q1: How long does it take to blow a bottle?

A1: There is no exact answer. It depends on the preheating situation of the bottle preform and the size of the bottle.

Q2: Why is it better to match a chiller and freezing dryer?

A2: The chiller and freezing dryer can effectively shorten the bottles’ shaping time to improve output.

Q3: How many bottle preforms can be placed in the heating machine?

A3: The heating tunnel is equipped with 72 positions for bottle preforms. And people can change the size of fixer of the bottle mouth for different bottles.

Q4: What is the volume of the applicable bottles?

A4: It depends on the machine’s type. We have correspondent machines for common bottles in the market.

Q: What’s the information about the bottle we should know?

A: We need to know the bottle’s size, shape, weight, and diameter of the bottle mouth.

Parameters of the bottle blow molding machine

MaterialPET / PP
Volume0.05—2.0 L (1-2 cavity;
Theoritical output700—1000 Pcs/h
Neck size16—120 mm
Max.diameter170 mm
Voltage:(3 phase)220-380 V / 50-60HZ
Working pressure0.8—1.0 MPa
Blowing pressure3.0 MPa
Chilled water rate10 L/min
Main body dimension1.66 x 0.75 x 1.75m
Main body weight0.7t
Pre-heater dimension1.46 x 0.71 x 1.58m

Bottle mould includes 150ml, 300ml, 700ml, 1000ml, 1500ml, from 1 to 2 cavity.

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