Desktop vacuum packaging machine is a sort of vacuum sealer, for extending the shelf life of the product. With the rapid economic development, the demand for vacuum packaging machines in all walks of life is constantly rising. This machine is a small packing machine, but very practical, for both dry and wet purposes.

Besides, the desktop vacuum sealer has a wide variety of applications, like meat, grains, etc. It also has high efficiency and excellent quality. We have the platform to study and innovate on our own. And we deliver goods directly from the factory, so the after-sales service is guaranteed. Looking forward to your inquiry!

Types of Desktop Vacuum Packaging Machines for Sale

The desktop vacuum sealer is uniformly in the name of DZ-260. Three types are here for your choice, respectively DZ-260A, DZ-260B, DZ-260C. This machine can complete vacuuming, sealing, printing, and cooling at one time. The transparent cover makes you clear on how to vacuum. Also, one sealing bar is used in this desktop vacuum packing machine. Its material is stainless steel.

The surface of the stainless steel case is treated with a special process. Hence, it has the features of dirt resistance and scratch resistance. Because of its small size, it’s often used at home. Occupied space is limited, totally satisfying your needs. In addition, we can customize machines to meet your demands.

Desktop vacuum packaging machine
desktop vacuum packaging machine

Basic Parameters of Desktop Vacuum Sealer

Model  DZ260
Power220V /110V  50/60HZ
Vacuum pump power370W
Sealing power200 mm
Minimum absolute pressure1Kpa
Sealing location1 (sealing strip)
Size of vacuum chamber340*300*50mm
Sealing size260*8mm
Machine size480*330*360mm
Material of vacuum chamberStainless steel
Desktop Vacuum Packaging Machine Parameters

Advantages of Desktop Vacuum Packing Equipment

  • Fast pumping speed, good vacuum effect. This machine is equipped with the high-power vacuum pump of the well-known brand, fast pumping speed, high efficiency, and low noise.
  • The control panel display is simple, beautiful, and full-featured. Microcomputer control panel, more precision. The emergency switch can interrupt in an emergency, ensuring usage safety.
  • Dry and wet usage, wide applications. Multiple functions, multiple use.
  • Small machines, used in wide areas. Because it takes limited space and moves conveniently, it’s suitable for the house, markets, etc.
  • Suitable for most vacuum bags in the market.
  • Stainless steel machine shell, long service life.
  • Humanized design, more convenient maintenance.
  • OME service is supported.

Applications of Desktop Vacuum Packaging Machine

The machine has a wide variety of wet and dry applications. Such as dry goods, cooked food, seafood, grains, tea, items with oil or water, hardware, liquids, medicines, fruits, and vegetables, etc.

Moreover, this machine is suitable for the vacuum packaging of aquatic products, chemical raw materials, electronic components, and other products. It can prevent oxidation, mildew, corrosion, moisture, quality, and freshness, and extend the storage period of the product.

Due to its small dimensions, it’s used for the packaging of small items. It is also suitable for vacuum packaging of currency, financial documents, vouchers, and other materials, preventing moisture and mildew. All in all, it has wide applications. If anything, please contact us immediately!

Applications for desktop vacuum sealer
applications for desktop vacuum sealer

Vacuum Bags Suitable for Desktop Vacuum Packaging Machine

This machine is applicable to most vacuum bags in the market. Like textured bags, corner bags, and bags with no lines and no corners.

Vacuum bags
vacuum bags
  • Textured bag: single side texture, double side texture, cross twill, grid diamond, etc.
  • Corner bag: tea bags, thicker material, aluminum foil, and other materials.
  • Bag with no lines and no corners: Flat bag with a smooth surface with no lines and no corners.

These bags are different from plastic bags. These are high-temperature bags, especially used for vacuum packing machines. Its material is nylon and PE. Its thickness is commonly 130μm, 150μm. Of course, the thickness can be customized according to your requirements.


In Henan Top Packing Machine Co., Ltd, we can offer the proper recommendations with the help of rich and professional knowledge. The desktop vacuum packing machine is the most appropriate to use at home. What’s more, this machine only functions for vacuum pumping. If you need other usages, other machines can be allocated. For example, date printer.

Definitely, the desktop vacuum sealer price differs along with your collection. When purchasing the machine, you can stock vacuum oil and a heating bar. Because they’re consumable materials. Any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible!