Recently, our company successfully sold an electric packing machine to Kenya, marking a significant milestone in our expansion into the African market and solidifying our product’s reputation internationally.

Customer Needs Analysis

Our customer is a small-scale potato chip manufacturing company seeking to enhance their packaging efficiency, aiming to achieve a minimum packing speed of 10 bags per minute.

Based on detailed packaging dimensions and weight information provided by the customer, we recommended a suitable model of an electric packing machine.

Electric packing machine details
Electric Packing Machine Details

Customer Background

The customer displayed keen interest and enthusiasm for our product. They engaged in in-depth inquiries regarding product details, pricing, and customs clearance procedures, demonstrating a certain level of industry experience.

Key Factors in Closing the Deal

The proactive nature of the customer played a pivotal role in the successful transaction. They actively sought information on machine specifications, negotiated discounts following the quotation, and demonstrated trust in our product through the review of product videos and parameter documentation.

Electric packing machine for sale
Electric Packing Machine For Sale

Service Assurance of Electric packing machine

During negotiations, we pledged to conduct machine trials upon delivery and offered the customer a quality guarantee. This commitment significantly bolstered the customer’s confidence in our product.

Benefits Enjoyed by the Customer

The customer reaped numerous benefits from utilizing our electric packing machine.

Firstly, their packaging efficiency saw a significant boost, with a substantial increase in the number of bags packed per minute, thereby reducing production cycles. Secondly, owing to the stability and efficiency of our machine, the customer could better control packaging quality, ensuring consistency in product quality and enhancing competitiveness.

Electric packing machine supplier
Electric Packing Machine Supplier

Most importantly, our machine resulted in cost savings on labor, enabling the customer to focus more on product quality and market expansion, laying a solid foundation for sustainable business growth.


The successful completion of this transaction has not only established a favorable brand image for us in the African market but also laid a solid groundwork for our future business expansion in the region.

The outstanding performance of the Electric Packing Machine has garnered recognition from the customer, and we remain committed to providing even higher quality products and services to our customers.

Exported electric packing machine
Exported Electric Packing Machine