Electric packing machine is a sort of automatic packing equipment, automatically completing the weighing, bag forming, filling, sealing, cutting and counting. It has the simple design, easy operation and stable performance. The electric packaging machine has wide applications, such as granules, powder, hardware, etc. Besides, this machine is very friendly to the new users, very clear display at the display screen. Compared to the granule packing machine and powder packer, it’s cost-effective, more suitable for the new beginner and small-scale and medium-scale business. If you have any doubts, please get in touch with us, and we’ll answer your all inquiries very soon!

Two Types of Electronic Packing Machine for Sale

Because of its sealing style, we can divide the electric packing machine into two types. One is electric side seal packing machine, and the other is electric back seal packing machine. One thing paid attention to is that this machine only has two sealing types: 3-side seal and back seal. But both adopt the heat seal.

Electric packing machine
electric packing machine

Electric side seal packing machine

This type of machine only has the 3-side seal style, and three models are available. CF-200, CF-260, CF-300 are here for your choice. Their names come from the different film widths. Among these, CF-200 belongs to the small size, while CF-260 and CF-300 are medium-sized. As a newcomer, if choosing the side seal packing machine, the first thing you should consider is the bag width.

Electric side seal packing machine
electric side seal packing machine

Technical parameters of electric side seal packer

Packaging speed700-1200 bags/h650-1000 bags/h650-1000 bags/h
Packaging film width5-20cm21-26cm27-30cm
Bag length3-17cm3-22cm3-22cm
Machine size45*55*148cm56*63*168cm56*63*168cm

Electric back seal packaging machine

As the name implies, the back seal is the most distinguishing feature of this machine. It has four kinds available, more one than the electronic side seal packaging equipment. BF-200, BF-260, BF-340 and BF-440 are also named as the corresponding maximum film width. Among these electric packing machines, BF-200 is small-sized, BF-260 and BF-340 are medium-sized, BF-440 is large-sized. You can select based on your running business scale.  

Electric back seal packing machine
electric back seal packing machine

Technical paremeters of electric back seal packer

Packaging speed700-1200 bags/h650-1000 bags/h650-1000 bags/h600-950 bags/h
Packaging film width5-20cm21-26cm27-34cm35-44cm
Bag length3-17cm3-22cm3-22cm5-27cm
Machine size45*55*148cm56*63*168cm56*63*168cm66*77*180cm

Features of Electric Packaging Equipment

  • The machine is equipped with the intelligent control system, making the weighing and filling process more accurate;
  • The contact parts is made of stainless steel, complying with the food-grade safe and hygienic standards;
  • Optional sealing styles: 3-side seal and back seal;
  • The weighing packing machine features double vibration systems, highly efficient blanking, running smoothly with low noise;
  • Reasonable structure, stable performance and good quality;
  • Wide applications: particles, powders, hardware parts, etc;
  • Various film, such as non-woven, corn fiber and filter paper as well as aluminum foil and transparent film;
  • Customization is supported, and voltage can be changed.

Structure Design of Electric Sealing Machine

This machine has the smart design, improving work efficiency as well as saving time and labor cost. The electric packing machine mainly has the material hopper, control panel, packing roll film, bag former, sealing, and cutting parts. The control panel is intelligent, achieving precisive and efficient packaging, easy to operate. The packing roll film is on the top location, and the durable holder is not only efficient delivery but also long service life. If you want to print the date, the date printer is available. Of course, the electric packing machine price differs. Also, we have customization services, tailoring the machines to satisfy you.

Structure of electric packing machine
structure of electric packing machine

Wide Applications of Electronic Packing Machine

This automatic machine is suitable for particles, powders, hardware parts, etc. Such as grains, herbs, melon seeds, peanuts, tea leaves, soybeans, sugar, salt, fine powder, chemical powder, detergent powder, edible powder, coffee powder, milk powder, chili powder, soy flour, spices, pesticide powder, and other dry and mobile materials. To some extent, it’s pouch packaging machine. All materials are packaged into sachets. The machine is multi-functional. If you have granule and powder to be packaged, and also a limited budget, this machine is your perfect choice. You also can consult us, and we’ll provide professional packing solutions to you!

Various applications of electric packing machine
various applications of electric packing machine

Packing Film & Bag Forms

In Top(Henan) Packing Machine Co., Ltd, we supply packing film as well. Kinds of film are transparent composite film, filter paper film, aluminum foil film, filter fabric film, and printed film. Moreover, bag forms are various, like reticulate pattern. We also can customize the bag size on the basis of your needs. Contrasting to the multi-head filler and quantitative filling machine, this electric packing machine is full automatic, with the packing system. Looking forward to your calls!

Various packing film
Various Packing Film
Bag forms
Bag Forms