Finished products effect of shrink wrap sealer

Shrink wrap sealer machines occupy a certain market position at home and abroad, and their uses are becoming more and more extensive. Moreover, after being packaged by a shrink wrap heat sealer, the appearance of the object is fully displayed, improving the exhibition and sales of products, and increasing the beauty and sense of value. In addition, items can be sealed, moisture-proof, and pollution-proof, and protect items from external shocks. Moreover, it can reduce the possibility of products being dismantled and stolen. However, in the design, production, and trial production process, the following four factors have been found to also affect the effectiveness of the packaged product.

Shrink packing machine
shrink packing machine

Performance of film cutter, film sealing knife

Before packaging, the film cutting knife and sealing knife should be leveled first. The upper knife bed and the lower knife bed must be adjusted to be parallel to each other. The pressure adjustment of the pressing-type knife spring must be basically the same. Otherwise, there will be plastic film knives or tearing the sealing, and then batches of waste products will appear. The experimental results show that the working sequence of the film is optimum, greatly improving the shrinkage rate of the packaging. 


The impact of shrink film exhausting on items should be paid attention to when items need to be completely sealed and packaged. When the packaging machine transfers the wrapped items to the heat shrinking chamber, the packaging film begins to shrink under the influence of temperature, and the exhaust gas is usually eliminated by the small pinhole punch on the punch. When packaging large items, the number of punching holes should be increased. There should be enough vent holes during the film feeding process, and the shrinkage effect will be improved.

Influence of hot air blower and air flow system structure

When designing various forms of heat shrink sealers, considering the performance of the hot air blower and the influence of the airflow system structure, the air blower must be selected first. At the same time, attention should be paid to the reasonable configuration of the hot air circulation piping system structure. If the performance of the fan is not good, the inlet and outlet design of the flexible board, baffle plate, splitter plate, adjusting plate, and airflow system is unreasonable. As the result, a large number of waste products will be generated during heat shrink packaging. When the fan is working, the temperature can be evenly stirred up and down to achieve the best effect.

Inside shrink tunnel
inside shrink tunnel

Shrinkage temperature and transportation speed

The shrinkage temperature control has a close relationship with the transportation speed: high productivity, high-temperature control, fast transportation speed, fast production efficiency; low productivity has the opposite. If the temperature is too high and the speed is too slow, the products packaged by the heat shrink packaging machine will burst or the shrink film will gather together. In short, in order to debug and control according to the actual situation, only by mastering their performance rules and relationships, we can package beautiful products.

Transport items
transport items

The above are some points to popularize science from Top(Henan) Packing Machine. I believe that everyone has an understanding of the use of shrink wrap machines. If you encounter other problems, welcome to contact us at any time.

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