Shrink Packing Machine

Shrink packing machine

Shrink packing machine is a machine that wraps the product with a heat-shrinkable film and then heats it to shrink the film and wrap the product. And shrink packaging machine is available for a variety of product sizes in automatic formats. In the market, the growth of shrink wrap machines is correlated with the demand for the packaging of products meant for a longer shipping period. The quality of the machines provided by Henan Top Machine is very superior as compared to other manufacturers. Besides, the machine has the attractive appearance and stable performance. If you want to know more about this packing machine, please contact us at any time!

Types of Shrink Packaging Machine for Sale

Generally, the shrink wrap machine is a combined machine of automatic L sealer and shrink tunnel machine. These two machines work together to achieve wrapping the products. Three types are available, among which, two are 450-model, 550-model. The film used in this machine is very thin. The automatic L sealer is to make the film wrap to the product and then cut. The film is commonly PE film. Because the blade is L shape, the name comes. Usually, the product is put by manual. the shrink tunnel machine is functioning to heat and shrink. So, in the tunnel, heating pipe and fan are necessary. In addition, we offer the customization service. We can help you get machines that are tailored to your unique needs.

Shrink packing machine
shrink packing machine

Features of Shrink Packaging Equipment

  • The machine adopts advanced technology, easily to operate;
  • The configuration is composed by the famous brands, resulting in the superior quality machine;
  • Photoelectric sensor system automatically compensate for the package length change;
  • The vertical sealing height is adjustable to the height of the product;
  • Solid knife sealing blades make consistent sealing and last long;
  • Without changing any molds and parts when packing size changes, use handle to adjust the width;
  • Before delivery, the inspection and commissioning are necessary procedures;
  • Customization service is supported.

Main Structure of Shrink Wrapping Machine

The shrink packing machine has automatic L sealer and subsequently an attached shrink tunnel machine. With the interaction of both machines, we can carry on the product shrinking efficiently.

Automatic L sealer

The automatic L sealer is the optimal shrink film machine. It uses a conveyor-fed automatic operation that can process up to maximum 30 packages a minute. Its details involve switch control panel, film fixing device, infeed conveyor belt, handle, waste film wheel, discharge conveyor belt.  

Structure of l sealer
structure of L sealer

Switch control panel: set temperature according to the film, sealing time, counting, etc.

Film fixing device: automatically tie the film, release the film, transparent double-folded film. The black roll has holes in order to exhaust before sealing and cutting.

Handle: adjust the width of the conveyor belt based on the products.

Waste film wheel: the waste material is wrapped around wheels, and the excess waste film is automatically recycled.

So, remember that the film width should be wider than the products. And the initial step, putting products on the conveyor belt, should be done manually.

Shrink tunnel machine

Shrink tunnels are the heart of shrink wrap systems. The shrink tunnels move products along conveyor systems while maintaining an even consistent temperature. Its structure is the control panel, shrink furnace, conveyor motor, conveyor belt. The heating pipe and fan are in the shrink furnace. On the left, there are three heating pipes. It’s the same as on the right. And the fan is on the top inside. Also, the high-temperature resistant belt is used.

Details of shrink tunnel
details of shrink tunnel

Control panel: conveying adjustment, etc.

Fan: the fan is on the top of the interior, functioning to blow the air to circulate the hot air in the machine.

High-temperature belt: conveying the product from feeding to discharge.

The minimum length is 2m. It can be customized in accordance with your demands. Also, we should confirm the product weight. The conveying material should be adjusted along with the changes of product weight.

Automatic L Sealer Parameters

ModelDQL-5545 automatic L sealer
Voltage220V/50-60HZ, 2.2KW
Packing capacity0-30pcs/min
Max. sealer sizeL+2H≤550mm, W+H≤35mm, H≤140mm
Sealing temperature140℃-180℃
Thickness of film0.015-0.1mm
Shrink filmPOF, PVC, PE
Machine size1760*900*1580mm

Shrink Tunnel Parameters

ModelDSD 4520 shrink tunnel machine
Heating power12.8KW
Convey speed0-16m/min
Tunnel size1200*450*200mm
Conveyor loading10kg
Machine size1600*720*1400mm

Applications of Heat Shrink Packaging Machine

It is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, stationery, toy, auto parts, cosmetics, printing, hardware, electrical appliances and other industry. Items such as toothpaste, books, gift boxes, shoe boxes, mask boxes, cosmetics, etc. It’s an automatic packing machine, because it can feed products, seal and cut film and shrink film bag automatically. But you should know that the film thickness is around 25μm, the maximum height is 10cm. Different shrink packing machine prices vary. When you’re consulting the professional information, be clear about the length, width height of your product. Are you interested in the machine? Get in touch with us to get details!

Applications of shrink packaging equipment
applications of shrink packaging equipment

Differences Between Shrink and Vacuum Packing Machine

In Top(Henan) Packing Machine Co., Ltd, shrink packing machine and vacuum sealer both are in stock. They’re similar in operation, but there are a lot of differences as well. Both are used for sealing the products, but one can see the differences between them easily. The major difference is the heat and temperature for sealing the materials. Moreover, the presence of oxygen is a differing factor for both machines. There is no oxygen after vacuum pumping by the vacuum packing machine. That’s why it has no smooth shrinking. Also, for the shrink packaging machine, there is a tube to inflate, so as to cut smoothly and beautifully.

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