Flat labeling machine is used for all kinds of products with flat types. This plane labeling machine, also known as automatic labeling machine, is complete solution for all industrial labeling tasks. Because the label is the identification to the manufacturers, the label is necessary for the producing factory to create their brand. In fact, this labeling machine is a member of the packing machine. It functions to stick a fine label on an object. So, we often call “makeup artist” of all goods. The products with the label are more attractive to the customers. Hence, the label is closely connected with our life. If you want more information, please contact us at any time!

Flat labeling machine
flat labeling machine

Features and Benefits of Label Applicator Machine

  • The machine is suitable for non-drying glue labeling all kinds of items, artificial placement, self-help labeling;
  • The operation method is simple, and labeling is fast and accurate;
  • For customers to custom-made mold, more convenient to use;
  • Adjust conveniently labeling head;
  • In order to ensure precise labeling, the labeling speed is automatically synchronous with the conveyor belt speed;
  • Through the PLC human interface, it’s easy to set and change the speed of the conveyor line, the speed of the pressure belt, and the speed of label output;
  • A wide range of application, any products with a flat surface;
  • OEM service is available.

Applications of Plane Labeling Machine for Sale

A wide variety of applications can be seen everywhere in our daily life. It’s applicable to the single side labeling stickers on a flat surface. As long as it’s the flat object, it can be labeled by this machine. Like plastic bags, opp bags, paper, mask bags, books, file pockets, lunch boxes, gift boxes, bottle lids, etc Such as the delivery slip on wooden boxes, description on the cosmetic sample and lipstick, etc. Also, production date and caption on the round bottle, like the aloe vera gel, ice cream. Label on the fruit box, vegetable box, as well as all kinds of beverage bottles in the supermarket, etc. These are the masterpieces of the flat surface labeling machine.

Applications of flat labeling machine
applications of flat labeling machine

Technical Parameters of Flat Surface Labeling Equipment

DriveServo motor or stepping motor
Labeling speed10-30 pcs/min
Labeling precision±1mm
Label sizeLength:20-100mm  Width:20-100mm
Label roll outer diameter300mm(max)
Label roll inner diameter76mm
Product sizeLength:20-150mm  Width:20-150mm
Machine size1250*650*800

Design Details of Flat Labeling Equipment

Being an honest and trustworthy packing machine manufacturer and supplier, we support the customization. Taking this label applicator machine as an example, we can produce double head flat surface labeling machine. Therefore, let me introduce the sophisticated design. It consists of label holder, rotary knob, operation panel, labeling structure, electric eye, emergency stop button, motor, product tray.  

Design details of flat labeling machine
design details of flat labeling machine

Operation panel is touch screen, making it easier and quicker to adjust various parameters, ensuring the labeling accuracy and improving the working efficiency.

Electric eye is functioning to detect the label accuracy, automatically prevent from missing or wasting the label. Besides, its sensitivity can be adjusted according to the light transmittance. The label quality is guaranteed.

Cooperation for Win-win Profit

Great labels can not only explain every ingredient to make customer clear about the product, but also attract attention to promote the sales. In addition, we can customize the flat labeling machine on the basis of the length, width, height of your products. Of course, the label length is as well as important. Moreover, the flat label applicator can have support or not. We also provide video support, technical support, commissioning before delivery, etc. You can enjoy the most thoughtful service, and get the most suitable plane labeling machine to expand your business brand.

Mutual cooperation
mutual cooperation

And you can also get other related machines if involved in the packing machines. For instance, you’re the owner of the liquid manufacture, you can get unscrambler, liquid filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine to form an automatic production line. All in all, welcome to inquiry!