How to choose the best liquid filling equipment for your project

Liquid products play a highly important role in our daily life. We use at least one liquid product every day, including water, soft drinks, ketchup, oil, milk, washing liquid, etc. Ever wonder how these liquids are put into bags or bottles on a large scale? This is done with automatic machinery in the form of liquid filling equipment that can put liquid products into containers more accurately and faster than humans, thereby reducing production costs. Every modern manufacturing plant that manufactures liquid products in the world has a number of liquid filling machines to put the products into containers. When you choose a liquid filling machine for your factory, there are several things you need to take into consideration.

Liquid products
liquid products

What products are you filling?

The first thing you need to be clear is what products are you filling when you buy liquid filling equipment. Different types of filling machines can handle different liquid viscosity. For example, the viscosity of pure water and ketchup is different. Therefore, the pulp system we choose is different. There are different filling solutions for different products. This is the first thing you need to be clear about.

What type of bottles or bags are you using?

Sometimes, more than one filling machine may apply to a given product. However, considering using a bottle or container also helps to make the ideal choice for some projects. For example, using the transparent glass container of customer may want to use level filler, it will make each container filled to the same level. When in the store or supermarket shelves display, this provides attractive appearance. Other products may use small or large containers, which in turn will affect the machine or nozzle that will be used for filling. In addition to the product itself, the packaging used can also help decide which liquid filling equipment is best for your project.

Single-head liquid filler
single-head liquid filler

What are your production requirements?

Production needs will help determine the most suitable filling machine. Each type of filling machine can be manufactured as a desktop filling machine, semi-automatic filling machine, or fully automatic filling machine. Semi-automatic filling machine requires manual placement of the bottle to initiate the filling process and remove the filling bottles, which will slow down the completion of the process. Automated filling machines will need fewer operator interactions, and filling speeds can be significantly improved. So the actual production requirements will help choose the suitable machine for your project.

When deciding to invest in a potentially expensive machine, you need to do some research on your production capacity, financial budget, and the space available for the machine to make sure you’re getting the right machine for you. You should also remember that this machine is a long-term investment, so it is worth considering future needs before buying. It is important to know the type of liquid you are handling (i.e., is it highly viscous…).

Present and future needs should be taken into account when purchasing bottle filling machines. Every detail should be studied carefully before spending your money. Need more information? Contact our expert for professional suggestions.

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