When it comes to selecting a pillow packaging machine, it’s crucial to consider the specific requirements of your packaging needs.

These machines are categorized into two models based on the position of the film reel, each suited for different types of materials.

Here’s a guide on how to choose the most suitable pillow packaging machine:

1. Identify Your Packaging Materials:

Commercial pillow packaging machine
Commercial Pillow Packaging Machine

Before making a choice, identify the type of materials you need to package.

Are they regular-shaped items like biscuits, chocolates, or industrial parts? Or are they soft products such as towels or tissues?

2. Consider the Film Reel Position:

  • Upper Film Reel Model: Opt for this model if you need to package regular-shaped materials. These machines come with the film reel in the upper position and a slightly adjustable former. They are suitable for items like biscuits, chocolates, bread, and more.
  • Lower Film Reel Model: If you’re packaging soft products like towels or tissues, choose a machine with the film reel in the lower position and no adjustable former. These machines are specifically designed to maintain the integrity of soft materials during packaging.

3. Evaluate Additional Features:

  • Adjustability: Determine if you need a machine with adjustable settings to accommodate different packaging sizes or shapes.
  • Speed and Capacity: Consider the machine’s speed and capacity to ensure it meets your production requirements.
  • Sealing Quality: Look for machines that offer high-quality sealing to maintain product freshness and integrity.
Pillow packaging machine for sale
Pillow Packaging Machine For Sale

4. Consult with Us:

If you’re uncertain about which pillow packaging machine suits your needs best, feel free to contact us. Our business team will provide suitable recommendations based on your specific requirements and offer professional advice.

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