Multi-head weigher packing machine is a kind of super-efficient packaging equipment with a wide range of applications. It is perfectly suitable for both food and non-food items, such as grains, nuts, puffed food, coffee, candy, sugar, salt, rice, biscuit,- hardware, plastic pellets, Doritos chips, lentils, etc. The design of the machine is simple and perfect, with fast weighing speed, a high degree of automation level, and high dynamic weighing accuracy. And because people are paying more and more attention to food safety, we use advanced harmless stainless steel, which is conducive to food safety. Are you looking for an excellent multi-head weigher machine to benefit your factory, contact us today for further information.

Multihead weigher packing machine
multihead weigher packing machine

What Types of Multi-head Scale Packaging Equipment for Sale?

Because the multi-head weigher packaging machine is a combined machine, consisting of a vertical lapel packing machine and a multi-head weigher, there are three types: 420-model, 520-model, and 720-model. And its packaging range can reach up to 2 kg. Of course, the width of the packaging bag is also different. The width of TH-420 is 50-200 mm, the width of TH-520 is 80-250 mm, and the width of TH-720 is 180-350 mm. The machine not only weighs mechanically, but also can automatically complete the process of filling, bag making, sealing, and cutting. In addition, it uses an intelligent PLC control touch screen system, which is easy to operate. Besides, if you have higher requirements for packaging bags like stand pouch, zip bag, air bag, etc, there is premade bag filling machine with multi-head weigher available. With more bag style choices and competitive price. it is also popular. Welcome to get in touch with us for more information or get the best quote.

Parameters of Multi-head Weigher Machine

Packing speed30-60 bag/minMax width of roll film430 mm
Bag length30-280 mmPower voltageAC220V / AC380V
Max diameter of film scroll≤Φ 350 mmDeadweight of machine400 kg
Power consumption1.2 kWDimension of outer packing870*1350*1850 mm
Thickness of roll film0.03-0.10 mmMeasuring range100-1000 ml

Structure Details of Multi-head Scale Packing Machine

Packing system: PLC system, convenient for users’ operation. The pneumatic system adopts famous brands, so that machine operation is more stable and comfortable. Bag forming and gusseting devices enrich the bag types for choice. This device is optional equipment. The vertical sealing structure has humanization design, easy for opening and cleaning,  ensuring a perfect appearance.

Z-type conveyor: send the material to the designated position.

Multi-head weigher: there are many choices of scales for instance double-head scale, four-head scale, ten-head scale, and fourteen-head scale.

Output conveyor: buffer the strength of the finished product, and hold the finished products.

Details of chips packaging machine
Structure Details Of Multi-Head Weigher Packing Machine
Feeding system
Feeding System
Z type conveyor
Z Type Conveyor
Vibrating loading material
Vibrating Loading Material
Output conveyors
Output Conveyors

The Most Important Part – Automatic Vertical packing Machine

The lapel machine is an indispensable part of the multi-head weighing machine. It is a packaging machine that can automatically complete bag making, filling, sealing and cutting, and counting. The lapel forming device adopts an embossing plate made of stainless steel material, so as to avoid skidding of the membrane, ensuring stable and reliable operation. Film pulling by double belts, less pulling resistance, much more stable operation, and better bag operation. Not only the design is exquisite, the quality is excellent, but also the work efficiency can be greatly improved. Compared to previous old-fashioned machines, this machine is more advanced and more in line with market demand.

A servo film conveyor belt
Conveyor Belts
Vertical lapel packing machine
Vertical Lapel Packing Machine

Various Applications of Multi-head Weigher Packing Machine

Multi-head scale packing machine in Henan Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd has an extensive range suited to many foods as well as non-food applications. It belongs to a sort of granular packaging machine, so it is obviously different from other machines such as liquid packaging machines. It packs granular materials. Food categories such as sugar, candy, corn, popcorn, seeds, dried fruits, nuts, biscuits, French fries, melon seeds, coffee beans, chocolate, frozen vegetables, Doritos chips, etc. Non-food items for example hardware accessories, electrical components, etc. And in any case, its application range is extremely wide. If you choose to buy a granule packaging machine, the packaging range is also relatively large, you can choose this machine. We will recommend a suitable model to you based on your specific information. Get in touch with us immediately, we’ll offer your packing solutions very soon!

All sorts of granules are packed by the granule packaging machine.
other applications


Multi-head weigher packing machine is a very reliable and popular packaging tool. Multi-head weigher is a highly efficient feeding system. It can be equipped with various packaging systems, like vertical packing machine, premade bag filling machine, etc. Therefore, it has a quite wide range of applications. As a professional packing machine manufacturer, we provide various standard and custom multi-head weigher packing solutions to meet your actual needs. Welcome to leave your requirements, we will give you the best packing suggestions and a free quote.