Vacuum capping machine generally refers to the equipment used for vacuum capping and packaging glass bottles and jars. Due to the reliable full sealing technology, the ideal vacuum degree can be achieved by configuring a low-power vacuum pump. The vacuum degree can be set as required. And its moulds for glass jar sealing are customized according to the size and shape of the can. The standard configuration is a glass bottle with an iron cap. It is a semi-automatic vacuum bottle capping machine. The bottle and cover should be put by hand, including putting and taking out bottles before and after vacuum capping. It usually applies to small and medium production. For large output, we provide the fully automatic linear vacuum capper and rotary type capper. Welcome to contact us to get more details.

Vacuum capping machine
vacuum capping machine

Benefits of vacuum capping equipment

  • The vacuum capper is made of stainless steel material, serving for a long life.
  • The products can be stored for long time, anti-corrosion.
  • It’s a cost-effective, high-quality vacuum capping machine.
  • Capping torque and vacuum degree can be adjusted according to demand.
  • This machine has four stations, greatly improving work efficiency.
  • Compact and reasonable structure, easy operation and maintenance.
  • Pneumatic and electric components using the well-known brand, to ensure stable and reliable performance.
  • Customization service is available.
The detailed parts of vacuum capper
The Detailed Parts Of The Vacuum Capper

Basic parameters of jar capping machine for sale

Power0.87 kW
Suitable cap diameter45-80 mm
Bottle diameter40-80 mm
Bottle height60-130 mm
Capping speed10-20 bottles/min
Machine size10-20 bottles/min
Machine weight160 kg
Tool box of the vacuum capping machine
tool box of the vacuum capping machine

Applications of vacuum cap sealing machine

In life, all the products using the glass bottle and iron cover are applicable. Widely used in food, canned, beverage, condiment, health care products, and other industries. Such as honey, sesame sauce, mushroom sauce, chili sauce, blueberry sauce, jam, canned fruits, canned vegetables, soy products, ketchup, etc. The vacuum capper is suitable for round glass jars, square cans, and other shapes.

Common glass bottles with metal caps
common glass bottles with metal caps

Excellent design of vacuum capping machine

Vacuum jar capper consists of a PLC control screen, screw cap, capping mold, vacuum pump, water-oil separator, toolbox. PLC control screen can set languages in Chinese or English, capping time, vacuum time, as well as counting function. It has a rotary air cylinder and two fixed cylinders. The first one functions to cap, while the other two are to fix the bottle. Capping mould has commonly four stations, customized size according to the bottle size. The vacuum pump is for certain vacuum, demanding vacuum oil. But its total volume is not exceeding three quarters. Generally speaking, after running for 250h, add vacuum oil. To use the vacuum pump requires an air compressor. And the air compressor needs lubricating oil to support its running. The oil-water separator is also needed to keep products for a longer time.

The structure of the vacuum capper
the structure of the vacuum capper

What kind of bottle can vacuum jar capper be applied to?

The standard configuration is a glass bottle and iron cover. But the glass bottle can be of various types. For example, round bottle, groove bottle, square bottle, etc. Owing to the available customization, we can customize the capping mold based on the bottle size. Moreover, this vacuum capping machine is only for glass bottles and iron covers. Because the container must have enough hardness to maintain the vacuum. And the rubber on the inside of the cap can make the sealing and fastening effect well.

Glass jar sealing machine
glass jar sealing machine

Machines to Form Production Line

Due to the glass jar capper occupying a small space, having the characteristics of cost-effective, wide applications, easy usage, reliability, and mobility, it is proper for small production workshops, special specifications usage, and laboratories’ use. It also can match with other machines to form production lines in order, like bottle washing machines, liquid filling machines, cap feeding machines, labeling machines, conveyors, etc. We also provide thoughtful after-sales services to satisfy you. If you want to know more details and its price, welcome to contact us.