5-50kg granule filling machine is a kind of granule packaging machine specially designed for large-scale production packaging. The packaging range and application range are very wide, which can be used in grains, pets, agriculture, and other fields. Although it’s very similar to the powder filling machine (5-50kg powder packaging machine) in appearance, it is fundamentally different. The powder filling machine has screw in the hopper. The feeding is by the screw, while the weighing depends on the screw speed. In other words, different packaging weights can realize by replacing corresponding screws. This filling machine has weighing function but is electronic quantitative. It still relies on the parameters, set on the PLC control screen, to carry out the quantitative filling. If you want more information, please feel free to contact us!

5-50kg granule packing machine
5-50kg granule packing machine

Characteristics of 5-50kg Granule Filler for Sale

  • The part in contact with materials is 304 stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food grade materials and is clean as well as hygienic;
  • The structural design is not only simple and reasonable, also friendly to users;
  • The degree of automation ensures humanized operation and reduces labor density;
  • PLC control, the advanced technology creates convenient operating conditions for users;
  • Automatic filling machine, improving the working efficiency;
  • The appearance is generous, beautiful and attractive; and the machine has been exported at least 80 countries and regions;
  • The operation is simple and easy to understand, very practical;
  • Provide customized services, we can customize the granule packaging machine suitable for you according to your various needs.

Structure of 5-50kg Granule Filling Equipment

In Henan Top Packing Machine Co., Ltd, this granule packing equipment has a very reasonable and simple structure, mainly similar to the powder filling machine. It consists of a pneumatic mechanism, quantitative agency, control box, scale body, conveyor belt, sewing machine control box, packet machine, conveyor. The control box shows the simple and reliable operation, automatic correction of error. Scale body makes accurate measurements. The high-precision digital sensor is more accurate to the material measurement and reduces the error. Because we support the customization service, matching with the outlet as well. Also, large-scale quantitative filling generally uses bags to hold materials. So, the clamping device is required, and its arm is made of iron and controlled by pneumatic.

5-50kg granule filler structure
5-50kg granule filler structure

Basic Parameters of 5-50kg Granule Filling Machine

Packing weight5-50kg
Packing speed3-4 bags/min
MaterialStainless steel

Applications of 5-50kg Granule Packaging Equipment

The 5-50kg granule packing machine is specialized for granular materials and irregular materials. Such as grains, pets food, agriculture, etc. Detailed materials are as following: rice, millet, wheat, dog food, cat food, cat litter, fertilizers, urea, Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese medicine granules, premix, washing powder, casual snacks, candies, melon seeds, peanuts, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken powder, seeds, hardware, and other granular materials. Because of common allocation with the filling machine, conveyor belt exists between them. It not only builds convenient conditions but also saves time and improves efficiency. In addition, we can customize the double packing system, controlled by the one control cabinet.

Applications for 5-50kg granule filler
applications for 5-50kg granule filler

Auxiliary Equipment to Collocate

Because the bags are for holding the materials, the sealing machine is necessary. But how to get the appropriate sealing style depends on the bag material. Here are two types. The first one is for the large quantity, woven bag as the holder. So, under this circumstance, the sewing machine is the most suitable. The second one is heat seal for the plastic bags containing a small quantity. Hence, we can customize the sealing machine on the basis of the customers’ requirements. Of course, there’s feeding machine to collocate. Two kinds of feeding machines: conveyor belt and bucket elevator. Feeder of the conveyor belt is used for large granules such as wooden carbon ball. While the feeder of the bucket elevator is applied to the smaller particulars like millet. Besides, the bucket is made of plastic. Certainly, other machines can be allocated. Don’t forget our customization service.

Auxiliary equipment
auxiliary equipment