Granule packaging machine is testimony to the growth of technology in the packaging industry. With the continuous development and evolution of society, packaging technology has come a long way. Meanwhile, through the market survey, it’s found that the granule packaging machine has a fast development speed and its prospect is very good. So, along with the growth of society, the granule packaging equipment has an advanced packaging process keeping up with the times. However, how do choose the right granule packing machine for your business, we’ll take a look at everything you want to know about granule packing machines. Guidance is described as below.

Woman shopping
woman shopping

What’s the granule packaging machine?

First of all, you should understand what granule packing equipment is. Granule packaging equipment, namely, is used for packing various granules, such as candy, popcorn, chips, grains, rice, nuts, etc. But its use is not limited to just food or edible items and also extends to screws, bolts, or plastic materials. Its structure has a PLC touch screen, hopper, turntable, bag former, sealing, and cutting devices. The material of the whole machine is stainless steel, resulting in its durability and long service life. Besides, it’s automatic packing machine as well as pouch packing machine. Want to know more? Contact us and we’ll reply very soon.

Structure of granule packing machine
Structure Of Granule Packing Machine

Modernizing packaging process of granule packaging machines

Secondly, get to know more about its advanced technology. Advent in technology makes these machines extremely accurate with negligible error in packing accuracy. The sensitive weight sensor ensures that only the required and prescribed quantities are packed, hence causing very low waste. The bags or pouches provided are also specifically suitable for packing and storing granules. Compared to old machines, now the granule packaging machine comes with a PLC system. It’s very convenient to use, without any hassle to conduct the entire manufacturing procedure. PLC is a system used in the industry to automatically control the manufacturing process automatically and on a real-time basis. You can get the response in a very short time when inputting the particular conditions so that it ensures that the manufacturing process runs effortlessly.

Plc touch screen-vertical
Plc Touch Screen-Vertical
Plc touch screen
Plc Touch Screen-Lapel

How to select the right one for your business?

Thirdly, you should focus on certain factors that help you in the decision-making process.

• Characteristics of the material to be packed

You should be very clear about the uniformity, shape, and stickiness of the products you want to pack. You also should know the products are single or multiple in a single package. Furthermore, it’s advisable to choose measurement based on the raw materials uniform. For instance, rice without stickiness, vessel measurement is better.

• Items and bag dimensions

Undoubtedly, the length, width, weight of raw materials and bags will affect the packing machine you’ll buy. In general, the bigger machine costs more.

• Packaging speed

The speed depends on the scale of your operation. In the beginning, if you don’t have many items to package, manual feeding is proper. The speed will be slow, but you can get a cheaper packing machine.

Types of granule packing machine for sale in Henan Top Packaging

Last, types of granule packing equipment for sale should be learned. As a top packing machine manufacturer and supplier, we have several types of granule packing equipment for sale. Among these, commonly mentioned 320-model and 450-model are vertical packing machines. The big difference between them is the packing range. The range of 320-model is 22-220g while 450-model is 100-1000g. Of course, the chain granule packaging machine reaches a range of 100-1000g. What’s most important, multi-head weigher packing machine can pack up to 2kg. It consists of a multi-head weigher and a lapel machine. The lapel machine has 420-model, 520-model, and 720-model, used together with different multi-head weighers. In addition, we provide customized products to satisfy all kinds of requirements. Hence, if you want more details, contact us immediately and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Multi-head weigher packing machine
Multi-Head Weigher Packing Machine