Answered Your Most Burning Questions About Bottle Capping Machine

Bottle capping machine is designed for sealing various bottles, such as plastic bottles, metal bottles, glass bottles, aluminum bottles, cans, etc. It is great equipment for factories. Shifting your packaging process from manually capping bottles or containers to an automated operation can be a big step for product packers. Sometimes such moves are made to ensure that caps are always placed and tightened reliably. And automation becomes necessary simply because of increased production demands. Selecting the right machine for a process requires analyzing the bottle, cap, or other closure, production needs, and other unique characteristics of the project. We will get a complete overview of capping machines, including definition, applications, parameters, and reliable buying guidance.

Automatic screw bottle capping machine
Automatic Plastic Bottle Capping Machine

What is a bottle capping machine?

A bottle capping machine is a machine that tightens or secures the cap of a container. Every company that packs products into bottles, containers, or jars needs a way to seal the container, and the most common closure is the lid. Usually, there are automatic bottle capping machines and semi automatic or manual bottle capping machines. They have totally different features and advantages.

Applications of bottle capping machine

The capping of the container is the last but very important step in the packaging process. You can use the capping machine in capping containers for different applications. Many industries rely on automatic capping machines to help tighten closures on packages. In this part, you’ll learn about some industries where automatic capping machines come in handy.

# Food and beverage processing applications

You’ll realize that most of the soft drinks you drink are always in bottles or cans. In addition to this, the food processing industry keeps food in easily breakable containers. All of these processes rely on automatic capping machines to assist in capping food containers.

# Industrial or general packaging applications

You can use automatic capping machines in many industrial applications. In many cases, machines will often assist in placing and tightening lids on different packages. Some industries include the cosmetic industry, which fix their contents in different types of containers. The chemical industry also relies on machines due to the sensitivity of the products.

# Medical application

The pharmaceutical industry often produces and ships medicines in different types of containers. This is no different from military products. Due to the sensitivities of these industries, you have to deliver your product with a very tight seal. Automatic capping machines help to make tamper-proof seals to avoid any contamination.

# Agricultural application

Whenever you buy agricultural inputs like pesticides and solvent fertilizers. You will notice that most of them come in very tightly sealed bottles. Achieve airtight and tamper-proof caps. Agricultural input producers rely on automatic capping machines to make such caps.

Wide applications for vacuum capping machine
Wide Applications For Vacuum Capping Machine

Are capping systems available in different sizes and shapes?

Yes, capping systems are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate the many different sizes and shapes of containers and closures on the market. The type of capping and the speed required for the project can also determine the size and shape of the machine. Bottle capping machines range from small, low-speed, bench-top, or hand-held, semi-automatic capping machines to large, high-speed, fully automatic rotary capping systems.

Automatic bottle capping machine parameters

Applicable caps15-70mm  40-100mm
Production speed0-40bottles/min
The diameter of the bottle cap50-280mm
Air pressure0.4-0.6Mpa

How to choose the right bottle capping machine?

Buying an automatic capping machine for your business requires careful planning and execution. This is because it has the potential to affect future business operations. Buying this equipment and installing it in your facility is a smart investment in labor and productivity. However, you need to consider several factors to ensure that you are purchasing the right equipment for your plant.

Vacuum capping machine
Vacuum Capping Machine

# According to the geometry of the cap

In this case, you will have to look at the geometry of the lids you intend to place on the different containers. The shape of caps limits your sorting options. It will also play a role in determining the type of capper you will use for your application. Flat caps are very easy to handle (sort, apply, and screw on) and work on all types of sorting machines. However, if the shape changes and the hats become taller then they are wide. Your options for an automatic capper will be reduced to vibratory and centrifugal systems.

# Depending on the degree of automation

One of the biggest limitations of the production process is the level of automation of the capping process. The manual capping process is labor-intensive and can pose significant health risks. It might look cheap in the long run, but it’s too expensive. It’s a slow process and you can’t go beyond 10 containers in a minute. A semi-automatic capper will guarantee you a higher container rate per minute. Typically, 15 containers to 20 containers per minute.

# Based on future production estimates

Just like any other machine, you need to choose a capper that allows for future upgrades. Benchtop cappers may reach the ceiling in the future. Especially with the advancement of technology. A semi-automatic capper can give you room for future upgrades. You can decide to fully automate the machine to increase the productivity of your packaging plant. This can be a good option, especially if your initial capital cost is low.

# Consider the plant environment and operation

The environment in which you will install your automatic capping machine will also determine the type of machine to buy. Your choice will further depend on the operational considerations you intend to explore. If you plan to use aggressive chemicals and explosive materials. You’ll choose a machine whose material can withstand chemical attacks. The supplier should be able to provide you with a machine with the correct frame style and electrical considerations. The machine should also be able to meet the correct quality standards set for different environments.

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