Candy packaging machine is one type of commercial packing machine, a special machine for packing candy, with strong practicality, widely used in most candy manufacturers.

Candy is a kind of very common snack, but also the choice for most people to relax, gradually developing a certain scale and the candy packing machine arises at the right time.

Nowadays candy packaging equipment generally with the features of automatic operation and a more friendly humanized setting, especially multiple functional candy packing equipment, which is able to pack various candies with new, original, and beautiful shapes.

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Automatic candy packaging machine
Automatic Candy Packaging Machine

Types of Candy Packaging Machines for Sale

In Henan Top Packing Machinery Company, mainly two types are for packing candy, granule packing machines, and pillow packing machines.

For the granule packing machine, 320-model and 450-model packing machines are vertical packaging machines as well as small candy packaging machines; chain granule packing machines are aimed at many materials to be packed, a chain containing many small material hoppers, while multi-head weigher packing machine is a combination of the lapel machine and the multiple weighers.

Concerning the pillow packing machine, the film reel is above the machine and the film reel is below the machine, and pay attention to the servo motor which is optional based on your actual needs. All in all, the above types are alternative candy packing machines. If you are on the related business, email us as soon as possible for support!

Candy packaging machine with multi-head weigher
Multi-Head Weigher Candy Packing Machine
Packed candy in pouch
Candy Pouch Packing Machine

Characteristics of Candy Packing Equipment

  • PLC touchscreen interface, for that reason it’s very convenient and quick to set the parameters, like bag length, packing speed, languages, chain bag numbers, temperature, and counting.
  • The function of self-diagnosis, thus is clear to display the fault.
  • PID independently controls temperature, better suitable for all kinds of packaging materials.
  • High sensitivity photoelectric eye tracking, and sealing position by digital input, thus making the sealing and cutting more accurate.
  • The transmission system is not only simple, more reliable working, but also easy to maintain.
  • Stable performance, accurate sealing, as well as continuous packing materials.
  • All the controls are carried out by the software, consequently convenient to adjust and update the technology.
  • OMS service is available.
Candy packaging machine
Candy Packaging Machine

Various Applications of Candy Packing Machine

The candy packaging machine is not only used for the various shapes of candy but also for the other materials. Because granule packing machines and pillow packing machines both can be used to pack candy, applications can be introduced from these two packing machines.

The granule packing machine, it’s applicable to rice, millet, sugar, medicine, popcorn, peanuts, dates, beans, fruit slices, seasoning, melon seeds, oats, coffee, detergent powder, puffed food, cold fruit, etc.

With regard to the pillow packing machine, it’s for towels, soap, bread, clothes, moon cake, masks, paper, vegetables, biscuits, chocolate, instant noodles, vegetables with box or tray, Sachima, daily necessities, sandals, industrial parts, disposable tableware, paper towel, etc. Thus it can be seen that the candy packaging machine has a wide array of usages.

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Applications of candy packing machine
Applications Of Candy Packing Machine

How to Select Excellent Candy Packaging Machine Manufacturers?

Being the top packing machine company in China, we have the following strengths. Firstly, we have our own factory. In other words, it’s a positive condition for those who purchase a certain number of candy packaging machines according to the order plans.

Secondly, we have been deeply engaged in this industry for years, gathering a batch of well-experienced specialists to design and research on the basis of following the rapid changes in the market.

Thirdly, we have formed our unique brand, and also cooperate with famous brands providing machines and components. Through the almost thirty-year development, our products have been exported to America, Canada, England, Philippines, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and other regions and countries, from which, it’s obviously shown that our machines have been favorably received by the whole world.

So, if you are interested in being a distributor, welcome us!

Pillow packing machine used as candy packaging machine
candy packaging machine

What is Candy Packaging Machine Price?

Candy packing machine price in our company, Top (Henan) Packing Machinery Co., Ltd, is closely connected with its manufacturing materials, components collocation, automation degree, and other factors. The stainless steel is for making the machine structure, in order to resist corrosion, moisture, and temperature, whose properties are easy to clean and durable for long service life.

Also, the component’s collocation is impacting the price. For example, the horizontal packaging machine, frequency converter motor, and servo motor are here available for you. The Servo motor has a better feature of automatic recognition of length, of course, with a higher price. Besides, full automation is much more expensive than semi-automation.

However, full automation can release the workforce and improve working efficiency. Definitely, there are other factors affecting your choice, but the above is very helpful for your choice.

Which Candy Packing Machine is Suitable for Your Business?

When recommending the candy packing machine, we take everything into account from your perspective.

Firstly, manufacturers or suppliers with professionalism. Professional machines need a lot of specialized knowledge and technology to support them, which can be reflected by the consultation without a doubt.

Secondly, trust. How to build a trustworthy relationship through the Internet, which is believed that trust can appear and rise during communication and interaction.

Thirdly, the service. Service plays a vast role in mutual cooperation, thus directly impacting the customer experience. Similarly, we have great faith in suitable candy packaging equipment to be your choice. If you are interested in the machines, get in touch with us soon and we can achieve the win-win goals together!

Attractive candy
colorful candy

Advantages of Candy Packaging Equipment

Several advantages are described as follows:

  • High automatic extent. Generally speaking, the candy packing equipment is an automatic packaging machine, with its compact structure and high automaticity. It can automatically complete the weighing, bag making, sealing and cutting.
  • Easy to adjust the candy shape and wrapping film performance. In order to run the machine reliably, the candy packing machine has a regulatory system, continuously variable transmission within a certain range.
  • High requirements on hygiene. The candy packing equipment has to guarantee the cleanness and quality of candy, undoubtedly the parts directly touched with the candy must comply with the food hygiene requirements and standards.

Certainly, there are others such as low power consumption, which will not be listed here separately. You are warmly welcome to contact us for any other questions and requirements. We’ll be very glad to reply to you very soon!

Pillow packing machine for candy
Pillow Packing Machine For Candy

TZ-520 Multi-head Weigher Candy Packing Machine Parameters

Packing speed30-60 bag/minMax width of roll film430 mm
Bag length30-280 mmPower voltageAC220V / AC380V
Max diameter of film scroll≤Φ 350 mmDeadweight of machine400 kg
Power consumption1.2 kWDimension of outer packing870*1350*1850 mm
The thickness of roll film0.03-0.10 mmMeasuring range100-1000 ml
Candy Packaging Machine Parameters

Candy Pouch Packing Machine Parameters

Filling range22-220 ml100-1000 g
Packing style/bag styleBack-sealBack seal/3-side seal
Packing speed32-72 bag/min or 50-100 bag/min20-80 bags/min
Bag length30-180 mm30-180 mm adjust
Bag width20-145 mm (replace bag former)20-200 mm
Dimension650*1050*1950 mm750*750*2100 mm
Carton size1100*750*1820 mm/
Weight250 kg420 kg
Power consumption1.8 kW2.2 kW
MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
NoteCustomization service is availableCustomization service is available
Candy Pouch Packing Machine Parameters

Pillow Packing Machine Parameters

Film widthMax. 250 mmMax. 350 mmMax. 450 mmMax. 600 mm
Bag length45-220 mm120-280 mm130-450 mm120-450 mm
Bag width30-110 mm50-160 mm50-80 mm50-180 mm
Product heightMax. 40 mmMax. 60 mmMax. 70 mmMax. 70 mm
Packing speed40-330 bag/min40-230 bag/min30-180 bag/min30-180 bag/min
Power2.4 kW2.6 kW220V, 50/ 60HZ, 2.6KVA220V, 50/ 60HZ, 2.6KVA
Weight800 kg900 kg900 kg800 kg
Dimension3770*670*1450 mm4020*745*1450 mm4020*745*1450 mm3770*670*1450 mm
Pillow Packing Machine Parameters

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Candy packaging machine for sale
Candy Packaging Machine For Sale

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