How potato chips are packaged?

Potato chips are one of the most popular snacks, people of all ages from income segments consume them. Potato chips are deep-fried or fried slices. Thus, packages are vital for storing potato chips. And then the potato chips packing machine comes to complete the package work. In Henan Top Packing Machine Co., Ltd, this kind of packing machine is with reasonable structure, super quality, and stable performance. Also, you can get optional devices to rich your potato chips packages. Such as the date printer, inflatable devices, etc.

Potato chips bags/pouches packages

Usually, the potato chips packing machine is packing potato chips in bagged with nitrogen filling. These types are frequently seen in the market. But do you know which kind of potato chips packaging machine is often used? Let me tell you. We commonly utilize the multi-head scale packing machine and chain bucket packing machine. Besides, nitrogen filling bags can protect potato chips from being oxidized. Nitrogen can prevent air from penetrating into bags gradually and keep potato chips fresh over a long period. And these packages have beautiful look. Customers cannot see inside products.

Multi-head weigher packing machine used for chips packing.
chips packaging machine

Recommended types for sale-potato chips packing machine

As a powerful company, we have various types of machines. Moreover, because potato chips are puffed foods, they are granular food packaging machines. According to its characteristics, we generally recommend multi-head weighing packaging machines. And this machine is usually working with a feeder. Therefore, it can automatically complete feeding, weighing, bag making, filling, sealing, and cutting. It is worth mentioning that this machine can only be back sealing. If you have other requirements for the packaging bag style, we also have other machines to meet your needs. For example, the tipping bucket packaging machine has a back seal, a three-side seal and four-side seal. You can choose and buy according to your needs.

Chain chips paching machine has a series of small hoppers.
chips chain packing machine

Tips on choosing the potato chips packing machine

  1. Package weight. This determines the size of the packaging bag. Because each type of machine has different models corresponding to different packaging ranges
  2. Bags packaging style. This mainly refers to back seal, three-side seal and four-side seal. Because potato chips packing machines have different styles, such as a combination weigher packing machine only has the back seal while chain packaging machine has these three.
  3. Machine size. It is related to the size of your business. It mainly depends on how much space you have prepared for the machine.

Why Henan Top company as your top choice?

Many potato chips packing machines appear in the market, but we have our unique advantages to support your choice.

  1. Factory visit. This is the most direct method to show you our strength. By visiting the factory, you can confirm whether the company produces the machine you need, the production situation and the production scale. To some extent, it will bring more confidence in our machines.
  2. Cheap price. Our company integrates the production and sales. That means we can have the machine cost, no middleman, no extra price increasing. In terms of the price, you can get the best price for your business.  
  3. After-sale protection. The potato chips packaging machine is a smart device. If there is a problem in the work process, it will affect production. The manufacturer is very familiar with the structure of the machine and can quickly find the root cause of the problem and get an effective solution.

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