Small filling machine is automatic filling machine, with small quantitative weighing. Compared to the packing machines, it has the features of simple design, easy operations, wide applications. Because it’s very small, it fits the small scale business and households. Depending on the customers’ wishes, we can customize the machines to meet the needs of production. Besides, the voltage of the machine can be changed based on the rules of the country and regions. Hence, you can put forward your demands and we’ll recommend the most proper packing solutions to solve your problems! Looking forward to your message!

Types of Small Filling Equipment for Sale

As a company with almost thirty-year experience, we have lots of filling machines for corresponding materials for sale. Now here we mainly introduce three types of small filling equipment, respectively for granule, powder, as well as multi-function(granule and powder). The biggest difference of these three is the hopper. The storage hopper has various types. The granule type has a cylinder-shaped hopper, while the powder type has a trapezoid-shaped hopper. Although the powder type and multi-funtion have the similar hopper, the appearance of the multi-function is much bigger. Only from the view of appearance, the multiple functional filling machine is the largest machine among these three.

Granule type, powder type, multi-function type
granule type, powder type, multi-function type

Small Granule Filling Machine

As the name implies, this machine is widely used for granules, such as cereals, rice, tea, toy accessories, hardware, grains, seeds, dried fruits, scented tea, etc. Due to its filling, the container can be bags or bottles. But it’s determined by you. Also, it’s a small machine, the maximum filling weight of granules is 200g. According to the measuring weight, we have the following four models: KL-20, KL-50, KL-100, KL-200, corresponding to the maximum quantity that the machine can fill. Moreover, this one is much cheaper than the granule packing machine from us. If you’re running the small business and at the same time have the limited budget, this type is your optimum.

Small granule filling machine
small granule filling machine

Parameters of Small Granule Filling Machine

Measuring range0.3g-20g0.5g-50g0.5g-99.9g1g-200g

Small Powder Filling Equipment

This powder filling machine is most suitable for small quantitative measuring, with a maximum range of 200g. Five types here are available, successively F-20, F-50, F-100, F-100(with square-shaped hopper), F-200. Although F-100 has the same measuring weight, the hopper shape is different. In addition, this powder filler is suitable for various powders, such as milk powder, flour, cornflour, spices like black pepper, chili powder, ginger powder, etc. The holding containers are also relying on your demands. Bags and bottles are for your choice. If you have any doubts, please contact us and we’ll reply as soon as possible!

Small powder filling machine
small powder filling machine

Parameters of Small Powder Filler

Model F-20 F-50 F-100F-100(square hopper)F-200
Size 38x24x51cm 38x24x51cm38x24x51cm38x24x56cm42*26*62cm
Measuring range0.3g-20g0.5g-50g0.5g-99.9g0.5g-99.9g1g-200g
Power 100W 100W100W100W120W
Deviation ±0.1-0.3g ±0.1-0.3g±0.1-0.3g±0.1-0.3g±0.1-0.5g

Small Desktop Multi-function Filler

The multi-function filler can adapt to pack granules and powders. The model is F-500, but for the different materials, it has corresponding range. Powder like flour is within the range of 1-500g, while granule like rice has the limit of 1-999g. It can apply to a wide range of granules and powders, for example, rice, millet, wheat, grains, coffee beans, scented tea, flour, chili powder, coffee powder, milk powder, and so on. Being a rich experienced packing machine manufacturer and supplier, we can give you advice that fits your business best. In contrast with the granule packing machine and powder packing machine, this multi-funciton filler is cost-effective. Are you interested in it? Welcome to contact us soon!

Multi-function filler
multi-function filler

Parameter of Desktop Multi-function Filler

ModelSizeMeasuring rangePowerDeviation

Design Details of Small Filling Equipment

These three small filling machines are similar in terms of the appearance. So, in the design, it has the similarities. Now, we will share the design and explore it together. It consists of storage hopper, intelligent control panel, outlet, visual window, stainless steel buckle, data port, infrared sensor, etc.

Structure details of small filling machine
structure details of small filling machine

Storage hopper: it adopts the stainless steel material, satisfying the food rules and regulations. What’s more, it can load more materials and save time of multiple feeding.

Intelligent control panel: the advanced technology is applied, and microcomputer control makes sub-assembly more accurate running and easier operation.

Visual glass: through this window, the internal situation can be observed clearly.

Features of Small Filling Machine

  • Because of double shock structure, the machine is running smoothly, low noise;
  • Microcomputer control self-energy, so that more precise and accurate dispensing, fast, fully automated dispensing process;
  • The contact parts with the materials are stainless steel, clean and hygienic;
  • Minimal power, energy conservation;
  • Small size, lightweight;
  • Electronic weighing, more accurate;
  • Customization service is supported.