Biscuit packing machine belongs to a sort of food packaging machine. Biscuit is a flour-based baked food product. It’s very popular worldwide because, in most countries, there is a tradition of morning tea and afternoon tea. While the biscuit is appearing as refreshments, it enriches types of refreshments. Biscuit packaging machine offers convenience for people to carry biscuits everywhere. Also, packed biscuit in pouch insulates the bacteria existing in the air. To some extent, the package relatively keeps biscuits clean, benefiting human health. Thus, biscuit packaging equipment is very essential in the food industry. If you want to know more details, don’t hesitate to contact us!

What Types of Biscuit Packaging Equipment for Sale?

In Henan Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd, a multi-head weigher packing machine and pillow packing machine are commonly used for biscuit packing. When packing biscuits, some factors should be taken into account. Such as, in order to guarantee the completeness of biscuits, you should carefully choose the biscuit packing machine that fits biscuit size. It just so happens that our machine has a variety of models for you to choose from. A multi-head weigher packing machine is a combination of the packing system and feeding system. Among these, the lapel machine has TH-420, TH-520, and TH-720. Here are double-head weigher, four-head weigher, ten-head weigher, and fourteen-head weigher alternatives. Besides, the horizontal packing machine has a servo motor and an ordinary frequency converter motor available. What’s most important, we provide a customized packing machine. Come to us for what you want!

Biscuit packing machine can pack biscuit into pouches.
Pillow Packing Machine For Biscuit
This biscuit packing machine is a combination of lapel machine and feeding system.
Multi-Head Weigher Packing Machine For Biscuit

Characteristics of Biscuit Packaging Machine

  • Higher packaging accuracy, wider adjustable range, more precise control, lower rejection rate, and better stability;
  • Clear structure, and it’s convenient to do maintenance;
  • Automatically complete weighing, bag forming, filling, sealing, and cutting;
  • The packing machine is stainless steel, keeping biscuit safe and hygienic;
  • Elegant appearance, reasonable structure, durable material;
  • Stable performance, good quality, long service life;
  • Intelligent PLC touch screen, even if you’re new users, it’s very easy to operate;
  • OMS is available.

How to Find A Quality Biscuit Packaging Equipment Manufacturer?

Biscuit packing machine prevails in the food packing industry. So, now the question comes with that how to get a reliable manufacturer. While our company has the strength of followings: first of all, rich experiences. Our company was established for almost thirty years. During these years, we have accumulated professional experiences with packing machines. Next is on the experts. Over the years of development, we have gathered a group of outstanding experts who research the market and develop new products to meet the needs of the market. What’s more, after-sales service. It’s increasingly essential in the entire products sales process. Considerate after-sales service can improve the satisfactory degree of the clients and attract clients back again. We provide attentive service to customers. If now you’re looking for a biscuit packing machine, welcome to us!

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Ordinary Biscuit Pillow Packaging Machine VS Biscuit Pillow Packing Equipment with Servo Motor

Common pillow packaging machine has big differences from the horizontal packaging equipment with servo motor. Generally speaking, ordinary pillow packing equipment has two motors. The smaller black one is in charge of pulling and feeding film, and the bigger blue one controls the feeding, discharging, and cutting. A conveyor belt is a chain, with buckles, the buckle that can be adjusted. However, pillow packaging equipment with servo motor has the leather conveyor belt. In addition, the conveyor belt has sensor. It can sense materials without wasting the film. That’s because it can stop by itself when there is no material, saving time and film. No empty package, and high stability. Which packing machine to choose from depends on your own needs. And we offer thoughtful services to you about inquiries.

Biscuit packing machine chain conveyor belt & leather conveyor belt
contrast – conveyor belt

What Affects Biscuit Packaging Machine Price?

The price of biscuit packing equipment has a close connection with the machine function, machine quality, delivery, etc. Let’s talk about the machine function first. For example, if requesting the date on the packed products, a date printer is necessary to equip. Then it’s about machine quality. There is no doubt that our machines are of super quality and get CE, ISO certificates. All is known, the better quality, the more expensive price. Last, move to the delivery. We’re located in the transported hub of China, creating convenient delivery conditions. In terms of freight, you can get a competitive price. Come and contact us, we’re very gals to reply to you very soon!

Tips on Choosing Biscuit Packing Equipment

When making up your mind to purchase biscuit packaging equipment to benefit your business, several should be considered. First of all, thinking about what kind of biscuit to pack. Like biscuits with trays, boxes, or without support, the first situation determines that the machine should be a horizontal packing machine. Next, it’s on your business scale. The business scale helps you understand which specifications of the biscuit packaging machine to get. Finally, your budget plays a vital role in the purchasing process. Money decides which packing machine you will purchase. Within the limited budget, choose a biscuit packing equipment that suits you best. Of course, others, like space that is for placing the machine, are supposed to add into consideration. Although necessary points are stated, we hope it’s useful for you.

Basic Parameters of Horizontal Packing Machine

Film widthMax. 250 mmMax. 350 mmMax. 450 mmMax. 600 mm
Bag length45-220 mm120-280 mm130-450 mm120-450 mm
Bag width30-110 mm50-160 mm50-80 mm50-180 mm
Product heightMax. 40 mmMax. 60 mmMax. 70 mmMax. 70 mm
Packing speed40-330 bag/min40-230 bag/min30-180 bag/min30-180 bag/min
Power2.4 kW2.6 kW220V, 50/ 60HZ, 2.6KVA220V, 50/ 60HZ, 2.6KVA
Weight800 kg900 kg900 kg800 kg
Dimension3770*670*1450 mm4020*745*1450 mm4020*745*1450 mm3770*670*1450 mm

Basic Parameters of TZ-520 Multi-head Weigher Packing Machine

Packing speed30-60 bag/minMax width of roll film430 mm
Bag length30-280 mmPower voltageAC220V / AC380V
Max diameter of film scroll≤Φ 350 mmDeadweight of machine400 kg
Power consumption1.2 kWDimension of outer packing870*1350*1850 mm
The thickness of roll film0.03-0.10 mmMeasuring range100-1000 ml

Facilitate Your Business

From daily life, we can see that biscuit packaging equipment has large food markets. Our biscuit packaging equipment enables you to customize based on your actual requirements. This gives more options on your purchasing machine. Moreover, we also supply the chili powder packing machine, water packing machine, candy packaging machine, etc. Whichever machines you need, offer us your details and we’ll give you the best solution. Being a company ranking top, we have sufficient confidence to provide quality and valuable packing machines for you. Are you ready for your business? Please get in touch with us and we’ll reply to you as soon as possible!