Chain granule packing machine is a kind of granule packing machine, suitable for the counted products. It has the great structure, super quality, and beautiful appearance. The machine integrates mechatronics, dual CPU microcomputer control system, microcomputer controlled photoelectric tracking correction system, and high-precision stepping motor. A series of actions such as bag making, filling, counting, sealing, cutting, and outputting finished products are all automatically completed. Stepless speed regulation, no shutdown during the speed regulation process. Also, packing forms include back seal, 3-side seal, and 4-side seal. We support customization services as well. If you’re confused about the machine you should purchase, please contact us and we can offer you good packing solutions very soon!

How Many Types of Chain Granule Packing Equipment for Sale?

In Henan Top Packing Machine Co., Ltd, based on the film width, two models 320-model and 450-models are available. According to the shape, there are two alternatives. One is chain bucket parallel to the ground, while another one is chain tipper from the ground to the feeding inlet. The first one is parallel to the ground and lying in the air, so the material weight should be light. But the second one doesn’t need to consider this. Also, this chain tipper packing machine doesn’t have the weight function. Thus, if you want to weigh, multi-function screw packing machines are applied. One is for one material, and only for small products, such as scented tea. You have any doubts about buying the chain bucket packing equipment, call us and we’ll provide professional advice and perfect solutions as soon as possible!

Chain tipper parallel to ground
Chain Tipper Parallel To Ground
Chain tipper from ground to inlet
Chain Tipper From Ground To Inlet

Various Applications of Chain Granule Packing Machine

Chain bucket packing machine has a wide range of applications. For example, chips, banana chips, scented tea, apple chips, corn chips, chunky chips, nacho chips, prawn chips, veggie chips, fruit dries, bugles chips, onion rings, quick-frozen dumplings, glutinous rice balls, etc. Customization service is supported. You can choose back seal, 3-side seal, or 4-side seal. Every sealing style has its corresponding devices. If several sealing ways you want are in one machine, you can choose the customized services. Besides, the bucket size can be customized complying with your demands. Generally, the machine material adopts stainless steel, guaranteeing its cleanliness. Of course, you can choose what kind of material to produce the machine. Apart from this, gusseted device, date printer, inflatable device, etc. are also available for you to choose from. Any requirements, we try our best to satisfy you.

Applications-chain granule packing machine
applications-chain granule packing machine

What Composes Chain Bucket Packing Machine?

Components impact the chain granule packing machine price. Generally speaking, it consists of touch screen, material hopper, film shaft, former, sealing and cutting device, speed adjustment, and wheel.

Details of chain bucket packing machine
details of chain bucket packing machine

Touch screen

This packing equipment adopts the easy control touch screen. it’s imported PLC microcomputer with a touch screen interface, enabling bag parameters setting much more conveniently and faster. Pay attention to the language setting, six languages are available. Almost it covers the major languages used in the world. Respectively, Chines, English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Korean.

Film roller

It’s used to fix the film, ensuring the film’s stability when the machine is running. You can replace the film easily on the film roller.

Chain bucket

The chain bucket is used for feeding and conveying the products. If you want to pack several products into one bag, the machines can be equipped with electronic scales to weigh the products for the quantitative packages.

Bag former

The function of the bag former is to shape the film into the bag. One machine normally has one bag former. But different bag widths need to change the corresponding bag former.

Sealing and cutting blades

Positioned stop function avoids sticking blades and wasting packaging materials. According to different sealing styles, blades are equipped.

Parameters of TH-320 Chain Tipper Packing Machine

Packing speed (bags/min)50-110Max width of film(mm)300
Bag size (mm)L:50-180
Service voltage(VAC)220(or 380)
Max outer diameter of coil paper(mm)≤Φ400Total weight(kg)300
Total power(kw)1.2Overall dimension(mm)650×1600×1600
Thickness of packing film(mm)0.03-0.10Measuring rangeManual discharge

Parameters of TH-450 Chain Tipper Packing Machine

Metered volumeManual discharge
Bag sizeL: 50-300mm
W: 80-200mm
Packing speed20-60 bags/min
Sealing stylesBack seal, 3-side seal, 4-side seal
Overall size820×1220×2000mm

Mutual Cooperation to Facilitate Business

As reliable and highly reputed packing machine manufacturers and suppliers, we hope the mutual cooperation benefits both. From our side, we provide superior quality packing machines, including liquid packing machine, powder packing machine, and others. Definitely, when you have doubts about packing machines, we supply detailed packing solutions, for instance, meat packing machine, vegetable packing equipment, chips packing machine, etc. Therefore, whatever matters you meet, you can consult our professional staff to get the good methods. In addition, we have considerate and thoughtful services, whatever pre-sale, on-sale, or after-sale. All in all, win-win is the ultimate goal of cooperation. And our company officially adheres to this belief to jointly expand the business of both sides.