Industry automation becomes the global trend in manufacturing, the packaging process is one of the most uses in the industry. The use of PLC is a major factor. The full name of PLC is the programmable logic controller. Because with the rapid development of modern mechanization and automation of packaging technology, the quantitative packaging of various items should be accurate and this has a direct impact on the survival and economic benefits. In this case, most manufacturers choose highly automated production lines. The PLC system plays a very important role in this production line. Following the development of the times, almost all of Top Packing Machine Company‘s machines adopt PLC control screens, which brings great convenience to users.


Whats PLC system?

A programmable logic controller, PLC, or programmable controller is a digital computer used for the automation of typically industrial electromechanical processes. PLCs are used in many machines in industries. Unlike general-purpose computers, Programmable logic controller (PLC) is a digital operation electronic system specially designed for application in the industrial environment. The main purpose of the computer is automation in the production line. Now in the packing industry, you can find it easily. With the continuous advancement of social science and technology, most packaging machines now are equipped with PLC systems, which are largely automated. Also, this is the inevitability of social development.

Plc touch screen
Plc Touch Screen-Lapel
Plc touch screen-vertical
Plc Touch Screen-Vertical

Advantages of PLC system

  • High reliability. Since PLCs mostly use single-chip microcomputers, they are highly integrated, coupled with corresponding protection circuits and self-diagnosis functions, which improve the reliability of the system.
  • Fast running speed. Since PLC control is executed by program control, regardless of its reliability or operating speed, it is incomparable to relay logic control.
  • Programming is easy. PLC programming mostly adopts relay control ladder diagrams and command statements, and its number is much less than that of microcomputer instructions. Because the ladder diagram is vivid and simple, it is easy to master and use. It can be programmed without computer professional knowledge.
  • Easy installation. Compared with the computer system, the installation of PLC does not require either a special computer room or strict shielding measures.
  • Special functions such as time-delay actions and counters can be easily implemented using PLC.

Why is PLC system applied in the packaging machine?

There was a time when the packaging machine did not include a PLC system. Therefore, more operators are required to ensure the completion of the work. But the result was not satisfactory. On the other hand, a different machine has to perform the same job, which requires the operator to manually inspect it. The consumption of time and money is high. Based on that, we apply PLC system to the packing machine. It allows the best coordination between different automation systems to provide better results. Weight the items and then seal them up properly for distribution with the help of PLC system. Besides, PLC control screen displayed on the machines can set bag length, speed, language, chain bags, temperature, counting, etc. It not only releases humans but also creates convenient and easy conditions for users.  

Machines with PLC system for sale in Top(Henan) Company

PLC system is the core of the machine. As a reputable packaging machine manufacturer and supplier that has developed for nearly thirty years, our company’s granule packaging machine, powder packaging machine, pillow packaging machine, and lapel machine are equipped with PLC control screen, which fully realizes the automation of the machine. This not only improves work efficiency but also saves the cost of manpower and time. In addition, we also provide vacuum packaging machines, filling machines, etc. Our machines are of good quality, stable operation and affordable. More importantly, we also support customized services. You can customize the packaging machine you need according to your own needs. If you have any doubts, please contact us, we will reply to you as soon as possible!

Plc control panel-pillow
Plc Control Panel-Pillow