Packaging machines are great tools that are used throughout all packaging operations, involving primary packages to distribution packs. It’s a term that is a wide-range mix of machines covering many industries. Packing machines from large to small include the equipment that forms bags, fills, seals and cuts. With the help of these machines, packing can be done effectively and easily. Because some packing operations cannot be accomplished without packing equipment. For example, many packages include heat seals. However, a heat seal requires a heating block, which is made of pure copper. Therefore, heat sealers are needed, even in slow labor-intensive operations.

Various items packed by packing machine
packaged products

What are the types of packaging machines?

You should have a clear basic knowledge of types of packing machines before choosing one to benefit your business. Thus, you’re able to get the most suitable one when purchasing a packing machine. There are many different types of packaging machines based on several ways.

According to automation level, it can be divided into semi-automatic packaging machines and fully automatic packaging machines.

According to the materials to be packed, it can be classified into powder packing machine, liquid packing machine, and granule packing machine.

Based on the function of the packaging machine, it can be set into a vacuum packaging machine and shrink packing machine.

Definitely, there are other categories. Such as it can separate by package style. You can select as you want. If anything you need help, you can ask our experts for professional and free guidance.

How does a packing machine work?

In fact, the principle of the packaging machine is very simple. It belongs to a programmable PLC that can achieve a series of packaging actions. The packaging machine will have a set of systems when it leaves the factory. The packaging machine will strictly follow the program to work when working. The workflow is described simply as follows. Feed the material and reach the destination through the specified channel. Weigh the material to be packed. The weighing method depends on what kind of packaging machine. The forming bag is before filling the materials. Finally, it comes to sealing and cutting. There are also optional devices, like date printers and sealing styles. Pick up the packaging machine as you wish.

Structure of packing machine
structure of packing machine

Benefits of packing machine

Packaging machine now has the high automation degree, so that using the packing equipment can immensely simplify to a large extent, and top packing machine manufacturers can easily optimize the use of equipment, thereby easily promoting the optimized application of equipment, showing a very good packaging processing effect. The first advantage is convenient to use. Packaging equipment can achieve the automation that needs not too much manual operation, improving the convenience to use. The second strength is the ease of operation. The machines reduce the difficulties of hand operation, showing the simple operation in the process of using. The third benefit is the greater economical effect. It has a semi-automation packaging machine, combining the mechanical and manual. However, the price is much cheaper.

What is the cost of a packing machine?

Many factors affect the packing machine price. Let me speak about it in detail. Firstly, the automation level. If you want to choose semi-automatic packing equipment, of course, the price is cheaper than a fully automatic packaging machine. Secondly, the machine collocation. Different collocations differ in price. In terms of motor, the servo motor is much more expensive than the frequency converter motor. Thirdly, the machine material. The machine generally adopts stainless steel, with advantages of long service life, durable material, and low maintenance, while its price is higher than that of ordinary material. Also, others have an impact on the price, like the machine design. Besides, customization service is available from Henan Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Stainless steel
Stainless Steel

The complete guide to buying a packaging machine

When it comes to buying packaging machinery, there are many variables involved. If you are considering buying the packaging machine, the following guides will provide the information you are looking for.

Safety. Whenever it is, safety is the first to consider in the situations. Safety concerns everything that you care about, so you should make sure the packaging machine is complying with the safety standards.

Quality. Quality is important in the industry. Any kind of packaging equipment should be with the international quality rules and regulations. Our machines have CE, ISO, GMP certificates.

Risk assessment. Doing the risk assessment can help you run your production line at the optimum levels. It involves standard operating efficiency, unscheduled downtime, rework, employee turnover, overall equipment effectiveness, inventory accuracy, capacity utilization, and inventory turns.