Nowadays the society is constantly progressing and developing, and the application of technology is more and more extensive, and the dry powder filling machine came into being. This machine is mainly used for filling small and large quantities of powder, which solves the problem for those who are worried about how to pack doses of powder. However, both are semi-automatic fillers. How to choose the most suitable machine for your business from the many powder filling machines requires us to understand some knowledge about powder filling machines. The following will introduce you to some knowledge about powder filling machines, I hope it will be helpful to you.

What is dry powder filling machine?

In Henan Top Packing Machine Co., Ltd, powder filling machines can be divided into large and small ones. Small powder filling machines are ideal filling equipment for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. This filling machine is small, beautiful, durable, and fast filling speed, which is deeply loved by new and old customers. The large powder filler solves the problem of packaging large kilograms of powder packaging. Generally speaking, we call a small one a 1kg-10 kg powder filler, but it can fill up to 10 kg. The large one is considered as a 5kg-50 kg powder filling machine. We can also customize the machines according to the user’s requirements. If you need it and are interested, please contact to inquiry as soon as possible.

1-5kg powder filling machine
1-5Kg Powder Filling Machine
5-50kg powder filling machine
5-50Kg Powder Filling Machine

Principles to be followed when choosing dry powder filling machine

Reasonable and free choice of powder filler is an important way to ensure product quality and improve economic efficiency. Generally speaking, it should be closely linked to the actual production, and try to freely choose a filling machine with good quality, high efficiency, very simple structure, convenient repair, small size, and lightweight. When choosing powder filling equipment, the following principles should be followed.

# Principle of serving the production process

Firstly, a suitable powder filling machine shall be freely selected according to the properties of filling materials to meet the production process. Secondly, the production capacity of the filling machine should be matched with the processing of the front and rear processes and the production capacity.

# Principle of high productivity and good product quality

The strength of productivity must reflect the production capacity of the production line. Therefore, the higher the productivity, the better the economic benefits it produces. In order to improve product quality, one should choose powder filler with high equipment precision and degree of automation. However, the powder filler equipment price has also been appropriately increased, reducing the cost of the product. Therefore, when choosing a powder filler, the factors involved should be comprehensively considered.

# Principle of wide process range

The process range of the dry powder filling machine refers to its ability to adapt to the different production environments. The wider the process range, the more the utilization rate of the equipment can be improved, and a multi-purpose machine can be constructed, that is, the same equipment can be used to fill a variety of materials and specifications. Therefore, in order to adapt to the product in multiple varieties and specifications, one should select the powder filling machine with the widest possible process range.

Operating precautions of powder filling equipment

The price of each powder filling machine is more precious, so you need to pay special attention when using it, otherwise, it is likely to cause damage to the equipment. Some seemingly simple operations can actually cause a lot of damage to the equipment. So, please notice below.

  1. Set the parameters of each part according to the powder filling machine manual to ensure the accuracy of packaging after the start of the operation.
  2. In the running process of powder filler, the operation of each process must be strictly carried out according to the specifications.
  3. When the semi-automatic filler is working, if there is a leakage phenomenon, please do not put the measuring scale on the weighing platform. Otherwise, the computer will think that the accurate data of one-time blanking will be adjusted, which affects the accuracy and speed of subsequent continuous operation.
  4. When there are extra items found in the mouth of the feeding during the operation, stop the machine and take them out.
  5. When replacing and cleaning the screw, it is strictly forbidden to swing the screw horizontally to avoid breaking the screw slot in the next operation, which will affect the measurement accuracy of the screw.
  6. Do not place heavy objects on the sensor. Do not allow the sensor to be close to a larger seismic source, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the sensor.

Key development directions of dry powder filling machine

Facing the fiercely competitive market, the development of auger powder filling machines needs to improve production technology and ensure the excellence of equipment quality. As a professional machine manufacturer and supplier, formulate reasonable competitive countermeasures and use strength to compose a glorious course.

# Technology

Pay attention to the application of technology. In modern society, the use of mechanical equipment has become very common, especially for the use of powder filling machines. With the development of our economy, major enterprises have also made great progress. The trend of powder filler is intelligent and diversified, so technology has become the key to equipment production and manufacturing.

# Quality assurance

When buying products, we will first consider our own needs, followed by the quality of products, which is beyond doubt. The powder filling machine is a kind of equipment for packaging powder materials. It is also commonly used equipment for large, medium, and small enterprises. Therefore, quality assurance is extremely important. With good quality, there will be a better sales market.

# Customer experience

Although marketing strategies are important in the sales market, what really plays a role is the customer experience. Only when users are truly satisfied with the product, will they consider choosing the product next time they buy it, and introduce the product to other customers appropriately. Therefore, the focus of the competition for the powder filling machine is still to consider the user experience, and obtain the recognition and praise of customers!

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