Generally speaking, machines for meat packaging are called meat packaging machines. It includes not only vacuum sealer, but also a pillow packing machine. Of course, different machines have corresponding advantages. Today, we talk about the vacuum meat packing machine. Storing meat in a vacuum-sealed bag is the best way to keep the meat fresh. You can just seal the meat up and store it in a cooler or freezer. And then when you want to eat the meat again, the meat flavor remains. That’s why most people choose the vacuum packaging machine for meat package.

What is vacuum packaging?

Vacuum packaging is progressing to remove the oxygen before sealing, in order to keep fresh and extend the shelf life. It sucks the air out of food packaging so that there is no air around the food. Depending on whether the meat is cooked or not, and the storage type, vacuum sealing has various lifespans. Taking the beef as an example, cooked beef can be stored for a maximum of three months in the freezer, while the vacuum-sealed raw beef can reach three years in the freezer. Due to no air, vacuum sealing can store meat for a long time, and the lifespan is three to five times that the non-vacuum sealing.

Meat vacuumed by the single room, vacuum sealer
single room vacuum sealer

Benefits of commercial meat vacuum sealer

As a sort of meat packing machines, vacuum sealing your meat gives you several benefits. 

Salmon vacuumed by double room vacuum sealer
double room vacuum sealer
  1. Lengthen the perseveration of its taste

Vacuum sealing provides an air-tight environment, preventing the crystals due to freezer burn from forming on your food. Vacuum sealing keeps the moisture in your food for an extended period of time, allowing you to enjoy food that tastes fresh months after you have stored it.

2. Prolong the shelf life

After removing most of the oxygen, which slows the growth of bacteria. Because oxygen is removed, the shelf life of vacuum-sealed red meat increases from a matter of days to at least two weeks.

3. Cook meat as required

One of the benefits of vacuum-sealed packaging is that it gives you the freedom to cook your meat according to your own timetable. Whenever you need it, you just take it out from the storage and then cook in the way that you like.

4. Reduce waste

Sometimes, we want to save money by buying in bulk, but the food always ends up with food freezer burned or forgotten in the fridge. By vacuum sealing extra food and leftovers, not only will you save additional money, but you’ll reduce waste by being able to eat those foods! Plus, it reduces the waste of packaging from not having to buy more packaged store items.

5. Quick and efficient

With the proper machines and materials, vacuum sealing can be a very efficient process enabling hundreds or thousands of products to be sealed per hour.

Who will use vacuum sealer for meat packaging?

As society develops, you will find that many people use vacuum packaging machines.

Users include:

# Hunters

#Single living








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