Henan Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in 1992 in Zhengzhou, focuses on global quality packing machines with a mission to enhance customer value, employee growth, and uphold values of sincerity, gratitude, and teamwork.

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Our business covers all sorts of packing machines, mainly in the food industry. Based on the materials to be packed, it’s classified into powder packing machine, granule packing machine, and liquid packing machine. According to the function, it’s divided into vacuum packaging machine, pillow packing machine, automatic packing machine, and semi-auto packing machine. Definitely, there are other machines, such as labeling machines, sealing machines, and capping machines, etc. All machines are supported to customize. Besides, optional devices like date printer, bag former, sealing and cutting device, inflatable and exhaust device, sealing strips of vacuum sealer are available. Also, our machines have CE, ISO certificates. Its design and manufactured process are complying with international standards.

It's a packing machine that has an oblique hopper.
0-80 G Powder Packaging Machine
Multi-head weigher packing machine for varioud granular food packing
Multi-Head Weigher Food Packing Equipment
Liquid packing machine is for packing pure milk, soy milk, etc.
Liquid Packing Machine
Horizontal packaging machine for food packaging, like vegetables, mooncake, etc.
Pillow Food Packaging Machine
Granule packing machine is used for packing particele, such as millet.
Th-320 Granule Packing Machine
Vegetable packing machine has two chambers.
Vacuum Vegetable Packaging Machine

We are an integrated packing solutions manufacturer and supplier. When you give your specific requirements, we directly inform our factory to produce the corresponding machines without wasting time and cost. Our machines are of superior quality, stable performance, and reasonable structure. In addition, you get the perfect solution for your packing machine requested by yourself, if any. And our machines are exported to more than 80 regions and countries, such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Brazil, etc. Our footprints have traveled all over the world. Henan Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd has been ranking top in packing machine areas. Welcome to contact us for a reliable and long cooperation relationship!

Global market
global market

Selecting our packaging machine is a choice you will never regret. The components of our company’s machines are all well-known brands so that the packing machines belonging to us are of high collocation, good quality, and low loss. What’s more important, we also offer customized services. We will produce the machines you need on the basis of your specific needs. If you have any questions about this, I believe the following picture is the best proof. It can be seen from this that our machines are indeed widely praised and loved by customers all over the world. So, come and contact us immediately for facilitating your business!

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