Powder packing machine is a kind of machine to solve how to pack the various powders in the food, industry, and other areas. The powder packaging machine in Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd is commonly used for a variety of masala powder, detergent powder, chili powder, tea powder, turmeric powder, milk powder, spices powder, etc.

We supply both semi-auto and full-auto powder packaging machines. Diverse choices are in line with the actual demand of customers. The structure of automatic powder packaging equipment consists of a tank, conveyor, bag maker, PLC touch screen, and discharge lower pallet. These provide the powder packing equipment with intelligent operation, high production efficiency, and corrosion resistance.

Besides, the liquid packing machine, the granule packing machine, and the vacuum packing machine are available. Welcome to contact us for win-win cooperation!  

Powder Packing Machine working video

Various Types of Powder Packaging Machines for Sale

As a company with almost 30 years of experience and a high reputation in China, we provide different types of powder packaging machines for sale.

Based on the automation extent, it can be divided into semi-automatic and full-automatic powder packaging machines. Customers can choose the suitable powder packing equipment as they wish.

According to the packing weight, taking 1kg as the critical point, it’s classified into above 1kg and below 1kg. For the equipment above 1kg, the machine includes an automatic lapel powder packing machine (1-3 kg), and semi-automatic powder packing equipment (1-5 kg & 5-50 kg).

Concerning the machine below 1kg, we also have several options for you to choose from. In accordance with your requirements, we can recommend a worthy automatic powder packing machine and offer the best solutions.

Different powder packing machines meet the requirements of mechanical production, which supports customization, quality assurance, high efficiency, and cost-saving.

It's a packing machine that has an oblique hopper.
0-80 G Powder Packaging Machine
Powder packing machine is applicable to milk powder, coffee powder, flour, etc.
0-1 Kg Powder Packing Machine
A combination of lapel machine and an feeding system
1-3 Kg Powder Packing Equipment

Applications of Powder Packing Equipment

With its durable stainless steel structure and advanced technology, the powder packing equipment is widely used for packing various powders in the world on the basis of its packing weight and degree of automation. Such as masala powder, chili powder, detergent powder, turmeric powder, tea, spices, coffee powder, herb, milk powder, flour, cornflour, tapioca flour, nutrition powder, curry powder, vanilla powder, jaggery powder, turmeric powder, etc.

The powder packaging machine has an integrated design and fast packaging. In addition, it can guarantee packing quality, time-saving, and beautiful packing. As society develops rapidly, all trades and professions are more and more intelligent and large-scale.

Following this tendency, the powder packaging machine has great advantages. It creates conditions for the promotion of the various powder packing and the convenience of usage. Looking forward to your inquiry!       

Milk powder, wheat powder, seasome powder, corn starch, etc.

Benefits of Powder Packaging Machine

In general, the powder packaging machine has many advantages:

  • More options: semi-automatic and full-automatic powder packaging equipment; designed powder packaging machines for packing powder in different weights; it satisfies the society market’s diverse demands;
  • Wide applications: powder material with certain fluidity; it can pack many different powders and have big ranges of packing;  
  • Easy operation: it has the high sensitivity screen and can be set quickly; for customers, it’s simple to operate the powder packaging equipment;
  • The machine runs stably, with low noise and long service life;
  • The machine material is stainless steel, and it’s convenient to clean and prevent the cross-contamination;
  • Wonderful design and elegant appearance, with low cost.

How to Choose the Suitable Powder Packing Equipment?

The powder packing machine varies. We are supposed to get more information from you to recommend a suitable powder packaging machine that is of the best quality and value within your ability.

Firstly, we should clearly know your actual needs: the detailed powder material, the packing weight, the film width, the sealing requirement, the daily production, etc. Secondly, your country and budget. Your estimate of the machine can offer good mind to us to recommend which kind of powder packing equipment.

From the country, we can see the purchasing power of common people; you purchase the machine for the business, and of course, the return on investment is required. Combining the above, we are capable of the best quality and value powder packaging machine for you. Call us now for your business!   

A semi-automatic packing machine for various powder
1-5 Kg Semi-Automatic Powder Packaging Machine
Semi-automatic powder packing machine
5-50 Kg Semi-Automatic Powder Packaging Equipment

Powder Packing Machine Manufacturer

Henan Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd is not only the powder packaging machine manufacturer but also the seller. We have a good reputation in the field of powder packaging equipment in the world. All the products from our company have passed CE, ISO, etc. So they are qualified.

Furthermore, our factory is equipped with professional experts to produce high-quality products and offer good after-sale service to the customer. It’s our responsibility that make the customer satisfied and get a reliable powder packaging machine. If you want to learn details about the powder packaging equipment, get in touch with us as soon as possible!

Commercial powder packing machine
Commercial Powder Packing Machine

What Price for the Powder Packaging Machine?

Powder packaging machine price is affected by lots of factors. Why you chose us is that you can get the best price for the powder packaging machine that you want. We have our own factory, and that means we have a professional team to design and produce the machines. We produce and market all by ourselves, so it saves cost.

Our factory is located in Zhengzhou city, the transportation hub of China, whatever is transported by sea, land, or air. No matter which transportation you choose, we can arrange and deliver to the destination as soon as possible. Thus, it greatly shortens transportation time. Choosing us is cost-efficient and beneficial to your business.

Several parts: former, hopper, electrical, sealing, touch screen
structure details

0-80 g Powder Packaging Equipment Parameters

ModelTZ -320
Packing weight0-80 g
Packing style/bag style3-side seal /back seal / 4-side seal
Packing speed20-80 bags/min
Bag length30-180 mm adjust
Bag width20-150 mm (replace bag former)
Dimension650*1050*1950 mm
Weight250 kg
Power consumption1.8 kW
Material304 stainless steel
NoteCustomization service is available
Powder Packaging Machine Parameters

0-1 kg Powder Packing Equipment Parameters

Packing weight0-1 kg
Packing style/bag style3-side seal /back seal / 4-side seal
Packing speed30-75 bags/min
Bag length30-300 mm
Bag width30-215 mm
Dimension820*1250*1900 mm
Weight250 kg
Power consumption1.2 kW
Materialstainless steel
NoteCustomization service is available
0-1 kg Powder Packing Machine Parameters

1-3 kg Powder Packaging Machine Parameters

Packing speed5-50 bag/min
Bag length80-400 mm
Bag width80-250 mm
Air consumption0.65 Mpa
Gas consumption0.4 m³/min
Max width of roll film520 mm
Power voltageAC220V / 50 HZ
Deadweight of machine600 kg
Dimension of outer packing1150*1795*1650 mm
Measuring range3000 ml (max.)
NoteCustomization service is available
1-3 kg Powder Packaging Machine Parameters

1-5 kg Semi-automatic Powder Filling Machine Parameters

Packing weight1-5 kg
Packing speed500-1500 bags/h
PowerAC380V 900W
Size1000*850*1850 mm
Weight280 kg
MaterialStainless steel
NoteCustomization service is available
Semi-automatic Powder Filling Machine Parameters

5-50 kg Semi-automatic Powder Filling Machine Parameters

Packing weight5-50 kg
Power2.2 kW
Size2000*800*2500 mm
Material201 stainless steel
NoteCustomization service is available
5-50 kg Semi-automatic Powder Filling Machine Parameters

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Powder packing machine
Powder Packing Machine

We, Henan Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd, are ranked the top in the field of powder packing equipment and are known as a professional team as well as good after-sale service. All products conform to the relevant standards. The powder packaging equipment for sale is available in our company. Semi-automatic powder packaging machines and full-automatic powder packaging machines are optional for diverse customers.

We also have other packing machines, like the liquid packing machine, granule packing machine, vacuum packing machine and pillow packing machine, etc. Moreover, all kinds of types are ready for you to choose from in accordance with your detailed needs. Do you want a consultation? Contact us now!