The coffee packaging machine is designed and mainly used for the coffee pod and coffee powder packaging. In our company, you can choose the granule packing machine for the coffee pod and the powder packing machine for the coffee powder. Both are coffee bag packing machines. We can supply whatever you want.

Besides, our professional team is well-experienced and keeps in progress catering to the market, which creates a brand taking in the leading position and getting a good response in the international markets. If you want to learn more information, welcome to contact us at any time!

Multi-head packing machine is used for coffee packaging machine
multi-head weigher coffee packing machine

Various Types of Coffee Packing Equipment for Sale

As mentioned above, the coffee packaging machine supplied in our company commonly has granule packing machine and powder packing machine.

For the granule packing machine, 320-model, 420-model, automatic chain granule packing machine and multi-head weigher packing machine are available for coffee bean, they are coffee pod packaging machines; for the powder packing machine, there is a semi-automatic and fully automatic packing machine, which is used for the coffee powder.

It has different packing ranges. All are in great design to help you save time and cost, improve working efficiency, and create commercial profits. No matter what machines you need, we try our best to offer you a good service. Looking forward to your inquiry!

Coffee packaging machine can pack coffee in pouch
Coffee Powder Packing Machine
This one is a packing machine for coffee beans.
Coffee Beans Packing Machine

Powder Packing Machine for Coffee Packaging 

Now details are illustrated about the powder packing machine. From the classification of automatic degrees, there are two types: semi-automatic and fully automatic.

Semi-automatic machines are divided into two types: filling powder packaging machines (1-5 kilograms) and semi-automatic powder packing machines (5-50 kilograms), whose different packaging ranges are available for you to choose from as the use of coffee packaging machines.

A fully automatic powder packing machine can be sorted into above 1 kilogram and below 1 kilogram as the packing weight. According to the automatic powder packaging machine above 1 kilogram, it’s an automatic lapel powder packing machine (1-3 kilograms); based on the machine below 1 kilogram, it’s the automatic powder packaging machine (320-model, 0-80 grams; 320-model, 0-200 grams; 450-model, 0-1 kilogram).

The above absolutely can be an instant coffee packaging machine. Contact us for further information!

Lapel machine and a feeding system
1-3 kg coffee powder packing machine

Features of Coffee Packaging Machine

  • The machine has a stainless steel structure;
  • More optional packing machines. The granule packing machines and the powder packing machines both can be used for coffee packing, only the different coffee types (coffee bean, or coffee powder);
  • Stable performance, high efficiency, easy to operate;
  • Advanced technology, low noise, long service life;
  • Good design, elegant appearance, low cost;
  • PLC touch screen, more friendly operation, simple to use;
  • Superior quality, famous coffee packaging machine brand;
  • Reliable safety and quality assurance.
Automatic coffee packaging machine
Automatic Coffee Packaging Machine

Coffee Packaging Machine Manufacturers

Henan Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd is both a manufacturer and a supplier. Our company has our production factory, owning specialized team to design and produce, which saves the middleman cost.

Besides, Founded in 1992, with nearly thirty years of development, we have formed a mature set of quality control systems to monitor the progress of production, which gives you the most confidence in the product quality and guarantees you have no worries about the quality aspect.

And we have the technology advantage. Our experts continuously conquer difficulties to make progress and keep up with the market so that our products suit the market’s needs.

Therefore, if your machine comes from us, you can get a quality and valuable coffee packaging machine. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Our company is integrated with business and trade.
company profile

Coffee Packaging Machine Price

Coffee packaging machine price is closely related to a wide array of factors. Like transportation, production cost, quality, etc.

Firstly, from the view of the transportation, located in Zhengzhou city, the central area of China, whatever transportation by railway, by water, or by air, which are all convenient to export our products to regions and countries in the whole world.

Secondly, from the perspective of the production cost, our company has almost thirty years ‘ experience in establishing a set of unique ways to produce. And an excellent team also decreases our production cost and brings long-term interest for both our company and you.

Thirdly, from the opinion of the quality, the quality system and rules and regulations clearly show the strictness of production and convey the determination of our company to attach importance to the product quality. You should be filled with confidence in our products.

Machines are wrapped in plastic film first before packing, which is to avoid moisture.
package for machines

What is the Most Suitable for Your Business?

Selecting the most suitable for your business is namely low investment but high return. From the low investment, you should choose the most quality and valuable coffee packaging machine for your business.

Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd, under the developing progress, forms a good method with low production cost and super quality machines, which means our machines are more competitive. The high return, from the economics view, is connected with the return on investment, which describes the relationship between the annual return and investment in the business.

Your business faces a market with great demand, and you can benefit greatly. So decreasing the investment is creating more interest for you, and our coffee packing machine is exactly satisfied with your business requirements. Get in contact with us now!

Coffee packaging machine for sale
Coffee Packaging Machine For Sale

After-sale Service

The machine from our enterprise has a lifelong warranty since the machine is installed and commissioned, which is a long-term warranty that most other companies don’t have.

Simply introduce the service process to you: firstly, after successful installation and commissioning, you need to fill out the required forms, and we will register them in our system to conveniently track service;

Secondly, you can call us or inform our after-sale department if you have any problem, we’ll answer you very soon, and then depending on the actual conditions, find a better way to solve the problem (technical guidance through video, on-site now is banned due to the epidemic situation);

Thirdly, the after-sale service engineer will check carefully with the machine and record the detailed progress, and you should confirm and sign the service forms. Also, the after-sale service offered by us ensures our mutual benefits.

Visitors from all over the world come to visit our company.
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Coffee Powder Pouch Packing Machine Parameters

ModelTZ -320
Packing weight0-80 g
Packing style/bag style3-side seal /back seal / 4-side seal
Packing speed20-80 bags/min
Bag length30-180 mm adjust
Bag width20-150 mm (replace bag former)
Dimension650*1050*1950 mm
Weight250 kg
Power consumption1.8 kW
Material304 stainless steel
NoteCustomization service is available
parameters of coffee packaging machine

Coffee Beans Packing Machine Parameters

Filling range22-220 ml100-1000 g
Packing style/bag styleBack-sealBack seal/3-side seal
Packing speed32-72 bag/min or 50-100 bag/min20-80 bags/min
Bag length30-180 mm30-180 mm adjust
Bag width20-145 mm (replace bag former)20-200 mm
Dimension650*1050*1950 mm750*750*2100 mm
Carton size1100*750*1820 mm/
Weight250 kg420 kg
Power consumption1.8 kW2.2 kW
MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
NoteCustomization service is availableCustomization service is available
technical parameters of the coffee packaging machine
Commercial coffee packaging machine
Commercial Coffee Packaging Machine

TZ-520 Multi-head Weigher Coffee Packing Machine Parameters

Packing speed30-60 bag/minMax width of roll film430 mm
Bag length30-280 mmPower voltageAC220V / AC380V
Max diameter of film scroll≤Φ 350 mmDeadweight of machine400 kg
Power consumption1.2 kWDimension of outer packing870*1350*1850 mm
The thickness of roll film0.03-0.10 mmMeasuring range100-1000 ml
Parameters of Multi-head Weigher Coffee Packing Machine

1-3 KG Automatic Coffee Powder Packing Machine Parameters

Packing speed5-50 bag/minMax width of roll film520 mm
Bag length80-400 mmPower voltageAC220V / 50 HZ
Bag width80-250 mmDeadweight of machine600 kg
Air consumption0.65 MpaDimension of outer packing1150*1795*1650 mm
Gas consumption0.4 m³/minMeasuring range3000 ml (max.)
Parameters of the Coffee Powder Packing Machine

More Information about Coffee Packaging Machine

Coffee packaging machine with a good price
Coffee Packaging Machine With A Good Price

The coffee packaging machine is with great popularity in the worldwide areas. Our coffee packing machines are of superior quality, durability, and high speeds for packing coffee pods and coffee powder, also at a reasonable and affordable price, which is profitable to you.

We not only supply the granule packing machine and powder packing machine but also have a vacuum packaging machine (coffee vacuum packaging machine), paste packing machine, liquid packing machine, tea packing machine, etc.

A variety of packing machines are available in our company for you to choose from based on your actual needs. To know more information about the coffee packing machine, please leave your information and we’re glad to answer all your inquiries!