Double chamber vacuum packaging machine plays a significantly important role in the vacuum packaging machine, an essential tool to vacuum the packed materials, suitable for vegetables, fruits, meat, etc. We, Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd, are famous for super performance, advanced technology, and excellent quality all over the world.

Our products are in popularity in the packing machines area, because of having exported to many regions and countries. We also supply many other packing machines, like tea packing machines, liquid packing machines, pillow packing machines, etc. for our clients. If you want to learn more useful information, welcome to contact us!

Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine Working Video

Quality Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine for Sale

The double chamber vacuum packing machine for sale has mainly four types: 500-model, 600-model, 700-model, and 800-model, to meet various demands. Every kind of double room vacuum packing machine is equipped with a pump in the standard deployment, and then the pump can be customized according to your actual needs.

Each double chamber vacuum sealer has the following diverse items: the vacuum pump power, sealing power, sealing strip size, vacuum pump, vacuum chamber size, machine size, and machine weight. You have multiple choices in accordance with your situation. Besides, the voltage is also available for customization. These are our quite hot production. Get in touch with us as soon as possible!

Double chamber vacuum packing machine
double chamber vacuum packing machine

Features and Performance of Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

  • Double chamber vacuum packaging machine is able to pack the medium, and small objects, in single or continuous packages, suitable for the small scale continuous operation, with high efficiency, and the inflatable function is also available.
  • The electrical control system of the vacuum packaging machine is divided into two types: electric relay automatic control system and computer board automatic control system. you can select and purchase depending on your own.
  • Easy to operate. Simply press the vacuum chamber cover, and the machine can complete the vacuum pumping complying with the set procedures.
  • Double chamber vacuum packing machine has two vacuum chambers, working interchangeably, improving the working efficiency.
  • The vacuum-packed items in a sealed state can prevent oxidation, mildew, worms, and moisture, and is able to extend the storage duration of the product.
  • Inflate inert gas after vacuum pumping, stored time is longer, and always keep constant color packaging.
Vacuum packaging machine for business
Vacuum packaging machine for business

Wide Applications of Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

The double chamber vacuum packing machine is commonly used for a variety of applications, such as meat, soy products, seafood products, subsidiary agricultural products, electronic components, hardware products, medical products, etc.

Especially in the food industry, all kinds of cooked products, like chicken legs, ham, sausages, grilled fish fillet, beef jerky, etc. pickled products like vegetables pickled in soy sauce and bean products, preserved fruits, etc. candy, chocolate, cheese (hard and soft), etc.

More and more food needs to be packed in a vacuum manner to cater to the markets, adopting vacuum-packed food can greatly extend the storage period. We are looking forward to your reply about the vacuum packaging machine!

Vacuum sealer for food applications
vacuum sealer for food applications

Strengths of Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Compared with the single chamber vacuum packaging machine, the double room vacuum packaging machine has greater advantages as below.

Firstly, vacuum pumping capacity. Take 500-model as an example, the vacuum pump of the single room vacuum packing machine is 20  m³/h, however, the vacuum pump of the double chamber vacuum packaging machine is 40 m³/h, it’s obviously shows that the double chamber has a better vacuum pump.

Secondly, working efficiency. The double chamber vacuum packing machine has two chambers to use, one chamber pumps the vacuum while putting the packed product into the other chamber, pumping vacuum ends, and the other starts, which increasingly saves waiting time and improves the work efficiency.

Thirdly, more types. For now, there are 500-model, 600-model, 700-model, and 800-model for the double chamber vacuum packing equipment, but only 500-model for the single room vacuum packing machine. Welcome to inquiry!

Double room vacuum packer
double room vacuum packer

Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine Manufacturers China

As a well-experienced and reliable enterprise, our machines all are in the standard. We are manufacturers and suppliers, with a long history, formulating a series of strict rules and regulations to manage the whole progress. There’s no doubt that our products are full of advanced technology and sophisticated processes, which are taking the lead in the packing machine areas.

Our experts are also studying the products in a diligent manner, following the markets’ tendency, which gives more possibilities to the packing machines. As mentioned above, we are manufacturers and providers, so our machines have a competitive price. For you, taking all the factors into account, you can get the best that you can from us! If you are interested in packing machines, call us immediately!

Double vacuum packer in stock
Double Vacuum Packer In Stock
Sample product in our factory
Sample Product In Our Factory

Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine Price

The price of the double room vacuum packaging machine is closely related to lots of factors, for instance, the material selection of the vacuum chamber, the size of the vacuum chamber, the vacuum pump, the control panel, and so on, which influences the working speed and working efficiency.

The material for the vacuum chamber is stainless steel, which is easy to clean; the collocation of different chamber sizes can help improve the packaging efficiency and product quality; the vacuum pump is the key point to deciding the vacuum extent by pumping, which is vital for the whole vacuum packing machine to work; the control panel is generally adopted the PLC control panel to adjust the vacuum time, sealing time and sealing temperature, simple to set.

Moreover, we support customization based on your actual demands. We’re expecting to receive your earliest reply!

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Services Offered by Us

We provide excellent services to those who are attracted by our machines or already purchased packing machines available from us. The services can be considered as pre-sale service, on-sale service, and after-sale service. Pre-sale service is to supply all the basic information. It’s a great help to recommend and choose the appropriate double chamber vacuum packaging machine for you.

On-sale service means that we have a professional staff to guide you and you should have faith in our products with super performance and quality. After-sale service offers you help with the installation, test, and maintenance. In a word, our service concept is to make you get suitable machines, secure purchase, and satisfactory usage. We believe that it’s wise for you choice about the packing machine, which brings a win-win cooperation for both!

Vacuum packing machine for sale
Vacuum packing machine for sale

Parameters of Double Room Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum pump power1.5 kW
Sealing power1.17 kW
Absolute pressure0.1 pa
No. of sealing strips2
Sealing strip size500*10*2 mm
Chamber material304 stainless steel
Cover materialOrganic glass
Chamber size525*520*130 mm
Machine size1260*605*960 mm
Machine weight150 kg
Double Room Vacuum Sealer Working Video

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Double chamber vacuum packaging machine
Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

As a reliable and feasible enterprise, we have double chamber vacuum packaging machines for sale. There are different types named by the various sealing strip sizes.

We also provide other kinds of packing machines, for example, desktop vacuum packing machine, single chamber vacuum packaging machines, stretch film vacuum packaging machines, external suction vacuum packaging machines, etc.

In addition, customization and superior service are available. If you’re looking for a vacuum sealer, please feel free to contact us and we offer you the appropriate machine.